Waterjet Water Pressure Cutter

WMT1525-AL is with 1500*2500mm cutting size, 3 AXIS , bridge type, with entire body. this High Pressure Waterjet Cutting Machine is widely used in cutting nearly all materials like glass, marble, steel, various metals, leather , granite, st

Home Best Copper Power Washer

220V Home Best Copper Power Washer.please inform us your quantity one time. COMPARATIONours power washerother brand power washer140pcs Copper induction motorAluminum excitation carbon brush motorlong working hoursshort working hoursworking

ktop Printer DIY Kit Wholesale

220*220*250MMHigh Precision V-slot 3D Desktop Printer DIY KitMachine parameters1.Modeling Technology:FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)2.Printing Size:220*220*250mm3.Product Size: 440*410*465mm4.Package Size:500*400*190mm5.Package weight:8kg6.

Cutting Machine with 2*3m Size

WAMIT Cnc Water Jet Cutting Machine WMT3020-AL is the top sell model in our company. it is with bridge type. cutting size is 2*3m ( 10'*6.56') . we can do 220V/380V and 415V for customers. this water jet cutting machine software is in Engli

Small folding coated paper box

ZTP is a manufacture of printing and packaging inShenzhen, of which is specilize in paper box and paper bag.TheColorBoxis made from 157 gsm art paper and 1100gsm cardboard. The box isproduced with printing, matt lamination, hot stamping and

y custom folding jewelry box

ZTP is a manufacture of printing and packaging inShenzhen, of which is specilize in paper box and paper bag.TheBoutique Paper Gift Boxis madefrom 157 gsm art paper and 1300gsm cardboard. The box is produced withprinting, matt lamination, ho


We specializes in auto parts for more than 10 years, especially in VW, OPEL, NISSAN, TOYOTA, etc. Our main markets are in Middle East, South American, East Europe and Asian.It is the production of automotive sensors, air conditioning fan sp

Tube top and bottom gift box

ZTP is a manufacture of printing and packaging inShenzhen, of which is specilize in paper box and paper bag. TheTubeRound Paper Electronics Boxis made from 157 gsm art paper and 1300gsmcardboard. The box is produced with printing, matt lami

electronics gift packaging box

ZTP is a manufacture of printing and packaging inShenzhen, of which is specilize in paper box and paper bag. TheBook Shape Paper Electronics Boxis made from 157 gsm art paper and 1300gsmcardboard. The box is produced with printing, matt lam

spension Spring Bag 2123200725

Mercedes E 63 AMG Wagon 2012Mercedes E 63 AMG Sedan 2010-2012Mercedes CLS 63 AMG Coupe 2012Mercedes W212Platform:For Mercedes Benz W211 / W220Reference OE/OEM Number:21232007252123204325212 320 4325212 320 0725Valve BlockHeight Level Sensor

uspension Compressor LR023964

For Range Rover Air Suspension Compressor LR045251LR037065 LR023964 LR044360 LR015303. Hanray Industry with its headquarter in Hangzhou China, and branch offices in Guangzhou China, in UK, French, USA and East Europe, it is a leading provid

spension Compressor OE20930288

We offer 2 year warranty on this product.The warranty starts from the date of the Jan.29,2018. We are happy to replace any faulty items with a new one.We also offer 60 days full refund.If you would like to exchange or return your item, plea

pension Pump For Mercedes-Benz

Air Suspension compamy is the first company who devoted in car air suspension, such as air suspension repair kits, air spring, shock absorber and air compressor.We develop, produce and sell air suspension parts for many years. We have enoug

tment Fiberglass Pressure Tank

Water Treatment Fiberglass Pressure Tank1. Introduction of productAll kinds of cans produced by the company are made up of corrosion resistant lining layer, seepage proof layer, filament wound reinforcement layer and exterior protective lay

itive Price SMC GRP Water Tank

Competitive Price SMC GRP Water Tank The panel tank is amodular system, which then enables atank of any desired size to be assembled and constructed. These tanks are generally offered as Insulated or Non-Insulated.SMC GRP water tank has pas

eather Tails and Glitter Wings

Product DescriptionBirds are symbols of happiness and joy, so they are regarded as a necessity on the Christmas tree. Glassblowers often kept wild birds during the winter months since the sound of the gas flame in the workshop prompted the

inless Steel Sintex Water Tank

New Technology Stainless Steel Sintex Water TankStainlesssteelweldingwatertankselecttheimportedfoodgradestainlesssteelSUSpane,whichavoidsunlightthoroughly.Nobreedandkeepscleanwaterquality. Factorydevelopedthespecialpanelandthedifficultstamp

gth Optical Fiber Duct Rodder

High Strength Optical Fiber Duct RodderDuct rodder is selected as a special tool for pulling electric cables and optical fibre cables in telecom, power industries, buildings and many other fields. The rod is made of fiberglass and high stre

er tank GRP water storage tank

SMC sectional water tank GRP water storage tank SMC sectional water tank GRP water storage tank is widely used new-model water tank at present. The whole body is combined by great quality SMCslabs. It possesses many advantages as follows:an

ass Hanging Decoration Pendant

Product Description You'll have no trouble finding this brilliant fish on the branches of your tree! Flashing his bold stripes of orange, white, and black, our clownfish nestles contentedly in a colorful coral reef at the bottom of the sea.

ss Hanging Air Plant Terrarium

Product DescriptionThis piece is simple, yet is packed with style. It features a glass body in the shape of a light bulb. In the front of the piece is a small hole where you can place a floral arrangement or any other item you would li

Hanging Succulents Terrariums

This modern hanging pair off faux succulents is set in a glass terrarium vase and on a bed of pebbles. With its flat bottom, you can set on a table or hang as an ornament. Their permanent succulents need no water and will last forever.Featu

s glass fish hanging ornaments

Product DescriptionFish are a common thread connecting numerous stories in the Bible, and today their symbol focuses on the religious origins of Christmas.Fish signify Christ s miracles and, like Christ, provide nourishment and sustain life

N6 Stainless Steel flange 304L

DIN Stainless Steel flange 304LDIN2631 PN6size:DN10-DN1600type:welding neckDIN2631 PN6:Standard:DIN2631 PN6size:DN10-DN1600pressure:PN 6,PN 10,PN 16,PN 25, PN 40,PN 63materail:CS Ct20,16Mn,SS 304/304L,316/316Lcoating:rust-proof oilwe always

Honda 2015 HRV/VEZEL Tail Gate

This is the Tail Gate for Honda 2015 HRV/VEZEL, and the raw material is steel.More details of the product are provided as below inner picture and data sheet. ItemNo.:SZ-HD10-06ProductName:Tail Gate forHonda 2015 HRV/VEZELMaterial:SteelColor

arts Honda 2008-2014 CITY Hood

This is the replacementHood for Honda 2008-2014 CITY, and the raw materialis steel. Our products all have passed ISO9001 certification. Yangzhou Gemini Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. has rich experiencesin producing and selling metal body parts

eel Forged ASTM A105 SO Flange

Carbon Steel Forged ASTM A105 SO Flange:Size range: 1/2" to 80" DN15 to DN2000 Design:slip-on (so) flangePressure: 150#, 300#, 600#,900#,1500#, 2500# Wall thickness for welding neck flange: STD, SCH40, SCH80, SCH160. SCHXXS Material: carbon

steel forged 20# blind flange

Carbon steel blind supplier,carbon steel blind manufacturer,sell flange we are professional,choose us,we will make you satisfied.Products :flangeMaterial:Carbon SteelCertificate:ISO 9001:2008 and CEStandardDN/EN1092-1,AS2129,ANSI B16.5/B16.

K Stainless Steel Flange SS316

The JISB2220 10K Stainless Steelflange face (raised face and flat face) has a specific roughness to ensure that this surface be compatible with the gasket and provide a high quality seal.The most used SurfacesA serrated finish, either conce

ity Polyethylene Plastic Sheet

HDPE is used in a variety of applications and industries where excellent impact resistance, high tensile strength, low moisture absorption and chemical and corrosion resistance properties are required. And PE has good insulation proper

e/Black/Blue Nylon 6 PA6 Sheet

Nylon 6 Sheet name Polyamide 6 Sheet , also Pa 6 Sheet, it is a generic term for thermoplastic resins containing a repeating amide group - [NHCO] in the main chain of the molecule. Its name is determined by the specific number of carbon ato

Plastic PP Polypropylene Sheet

Polypropylene sheet, or simply PP sheet, is a kind of thermoplastic sheet known for its remarkable chemical resistance to corrosive elements.Main Properties:PP (Polypropylene) is easily thermoformed and welded making it a popular choice for

r Thermoplastic HDPE 500 Sheet

Highly Crystalline Non-polar Thermoplastic HDPE 500 Sheet Product Description High Density Polyethylene sheet is a full name for HDPE 500 sheet.Hdpe polythene sheet is a non polar thermoplastic plastic with high crystallinity and perfect el

n/maize power thresher/sheller

5TY-58-86DR corn threshing machine is specialized to large farm use, which own 2 working rollers for 2 times efficiency and energy saving compared with Model 5TY-58-86Main Feature: (1)2 working rollers for highest efficiency (2)Combined Aut

n/maize power thresher/sheller

Advantage: (1)Patent technology of adapting whole size of corn cob (3)High efficiency and threshed rate 99% (3)Low breakage 1%Model No. 5TY-31-86 Auto Adjust Dimensions: 610*390*590mm Package Size: 530*260*300mm Packed in Carton Weight: 11

type coupling starch separator

The processing type coupling root starch separator meets the food hygiene requirements, and the design and manufacture acceptance meets the JB/T6419 "disc type starch separator". It mainly extracts starch contained in agricultural products,

Sweet Corn Sheller in Shellers

Automatic agricultural Sweet Corn sheller in shellersProduct Description Applyto corn/maize/mealie Model 5TY-31-100-2 Power 0.9KW Capacity more than 1000kg/h Installnation without Package size 53cm*26cm*26cm Weight N.W. 9.3KG /G.W.9.9KG Mot

ini Free Peeling Maize Sheller

mini Free peeling maize shellerPeeling free corn thresher. No skin peeling. Efficiency is super highSpecificationApplytocorn/maize/mealiemodel5TY-33-140Typeelectronic/dieselPower0.75KWCapacitymore than 1500kg/hInstallnationyesPackage size62

n/maize power thresher/sheller

Advantage: (1)Patent technology for simple and reliable structure (2)High efficiency and threshed rate (3)Easy operation suitable for domestic and middle farm useModel No. 5TY-31-86 Auto Adjust Dimensions: 610*390*590mm Package Size: 530*26

type coupling starch separator

It is the newly-enclosed energy-saving starch (pulverizer) slag separator developed by our company. It mainly extracts starch contained in agricultural products. It can complete slag, starch slurry separation, energy saving, automatic water

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