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er tank GRP water storage tank


origin: China
packaging: Ordinary
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China SMC sectional water tank GRP water storage tank with High-Quality, Leading SMC sectional water tank GRP water storage tank Manufacturers & Suppliers, find SMC sectional water tank GRP water storage tank Factory & Exporters.

SMC sectional water tank GRP water storage tank SMC sectional water tank GRP water storage tank is widely used new-model water tank at present. The whole body is combined by great quality SMC slabs. It possesses many advantages as follows: anti-corrosion, beautiful appearance, no distorsion, light weight, long service life and convenien maintenance management, etc. It is widely used in mine industry, enterprise and public institutions, house, hotels, etc. It can also serves as the water storage facility for drinking water, sewage water, fire water, and others. SMC molding slab function and specification SMC water tank use food grade SMC panel which through high temperature, high pressure and mechanical molding. In management process aspect, the mechanical molding add the strength of shockproof and shock resistant, improve the pressure resistant and service life and overcame the shortage of hand paste product`s uneven intensity. In appearance design, the protruding radian of the slab center increase the bearing capacity and capacity of the water tank. Flange is arranged around the plate, does not need corner connecting piece in assembling process, with more flexibility and agility. The size specification has: 1*1m, 1*0.5m, 0.5*0.5m. We can assemble any volume you need. Structure of the SMC water tank Assembling process SMC water tank combined with the SMC molding panel, sealing materials, metal structure and piping system to onsite assemble together. We can assemble the one with 0.125m³~5,000m³ according to your need. Features 1) Light weight, high strength. 2) Leak-proof /Water Tightness: Due to the material is fiberglass reinforce plastic with high density, and the sealing tape is high performance with non toxic, so it's leak-proof tank; 3) Long lifetime, long durable time: the maximum distortion of the sidewall is less than 1 percent for the height; maximum distortion of the bottom center is less than 10mm. The normal durable lifetime is more than 30 years. 4) Corrosion resisting; anti-rusted 5) Easy to clean and maintenance management convenient, Drainage at the tank bottom can be cleaned easily and Manhole panel makes it easy to enter into the water tank inside. 6) Non-toxic, it is made from food grade resin, clean and no pollution. SMC Water Tanks satisfy relevant Food Sanitation standards. Since exterior light is completely blocked, bacteria generation and germ growths are prevented. 7)Convenient Installation: Standardized parts are used for on-site installation so that materials can be brought into restricted areas for convenient installation.

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