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tment Fiberglass Pressure Tank


origin: China
packaging: Ordinary
MOQ: 1


China Water Treatment Fiberglass Pressure Tank with High-Quality, Leading Water Treatment Fiberglass Pressure Tank Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Water Treatment Fiberglass Pressure Tank Factory & Exporters.

Water Treatment Fiberglass Pressure Tank 1. Introduction of product All kinds of cans produced by the company are made up of corrosion resistant lining layer, seepage proof layer, filament wound reinforcement layer and exterior protective layer with high resin content, and made by microcomputer controlled winding process. product performance The surface is smooth, clean and easy to clean, anti microbial corrosion resistance, resistance to high pressure, anti aging, light weight, high strength, insulation, seepage control, low thermal conductivity, effective maintenance of constant temperature storage, long service life for up to 50 years, no maintenance according to the requirements of the user, adding tank heating and cooling equipment. Product specifications Diameter: 1000-8000 Volume: 1-1000m3 Pressure: normal pressure We can also produce various non-standard and special-shaped equipment according to customer requirements.Glass steel tansk are divided into vertical and horizontal mechanical wound glass steel tanks , transport tanks , reaction tanks , various chemical equipment , glass steel horizontal tanks, vertical tanks, transport tanks,containers and large series containers, epoxy resins, modified or polyester resins, and phenol resins as adhesives, according to their (storage or transport) medium. It is composed of high resin content, corrosion resistant lining, impervious layer, filament winding reinforcement layer and surface protection layer. FRP products have excellent physical properties. The specific strength of steel, cast iron and plastic is high, and the heat conduction coefficient is only 0.5 of steel. It is a good heat and electricity insulation experience. FRP products have great flexibility in design and excellent wall structure. The working temperature of the products is between -50 and 200 c. The pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and long service life are generally below 6.4MPa. It also has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, impervious, heat insulation, insulation, non-toxic and smooth surface. The mechanical wound fiberglass container can adjust the physical and chemical properties of the product by changing the resin system or using different reinforcementmaterials to meet the needs of different medium and working conditions. It is a remarkable feature of the filament wound composite by designing the different pressure by the thickness of the structure layer, the winding angle and the thickness of the wall.

GRP Fiberglass Water Pressure Tank Vessel, FRP GRP Hydrochloric Storage Tank, Wastewater Treatment FRP Tank,

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