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gth Optical Fiber Duct Rodder


origin: China
packaging: Ordinary/Box
MOQ: 1


China High Strength Optical Fiber Duct Rodder with High-Quality, Leading High Strength Optical Fiber Duct Rodder Manufacturers & Suppliers, find High Strength Optical Fiber Duct Rodder Factory & Exporters.

High Strength Optical Fiber Duct Rodder Duct rodder is selected as a special tool for pulling electric cables and optical fibre cables in telecom, power industries, buildings and many other fields. The rod is made of fiberglass and high strength resin at high temperature, it is coated by high density polyethylene engineering plastic as its protected layer, which makes the duct rodder cover sliding on surface, durable, corrosion resistant and has good insulation performance, these make it safe for using in cable occupied duct. Along with pull head and handcart, it features easy to move and operate. The Fiberglass duct rodder will be equipped with different size of reels in accordance with the length of the rod, there are wheels on the reel to make it convenient for moving, it is an ideal tool for laying cables.

Diameter 18mm FRP Cable Duct Rodder, Cable Push Rod Fiberglass, Traditional Fiberglass Bullet Duct Rodder,

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