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Waterjet Water Pressure Cutter


origin: CHINA
packaging: soft packing
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China Desktop Waterjet Water Pressure Cutter with High-Quality, Leading Desktop Waterjet Water Pressure Cutter Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Desktop Waterjet Water Pressure Cutter Factory & Exporters.

WMT1525-AL is with 1500*2500mm cutting size, 3 AXIS , bridge type, with entire body. this High Pressure Waterjet Cutting Machine is widely used in cutting nearly all materials like glass, marble, steel, various metals, leather , granite, stone, rubber, fiberglass and so on. we can make entire body and seperated body for this model. the pump is with 420mpa pressure, this waterjet cutting machine can cut 150mm steel at most and this is our top sell model, we always have stock. this waterjet cutting machine can cut nearly all material!! Our waterjet cutting machine Advantages: 1.37KW SIEMENS motor 2.All electric components are Schneider brand 3.Can do special size and special design according to customer`s demand 4.Free abrasive sand feeding system 5.We have most convenient automatic abrasive sand removing and recycling system for any brand water jet cutting machine 6.imported intensifier pump 7.Use 8mm steel to make the cutting table stronger and keep the precision time for whole life 8.Soft cover for linear guider or gear and rack, can effectively prevent dust 9.Install an automatic oil tank for cutting table , no need maintenance of linear guider 10.Legitimate WINDOWS 7 system and install the Chinese newest water jet cutting system 11.TBI linear guider and ball screw 12.Variable servo pump can reduce the electricity cost 13.We have agents in America, Russia, South Africa, Ecuador,UK, Argentina, Chile.Mexico,Australia,Saudi Arabia,Malaysia.Vietnam 14.We can make machine moving speed to 10-50m/min which will improve your cutting efficiency 15.We are finding agent all over the world Models of Bridge type CNC waterjet cutting machine Model number X Axis (mm) Y Axis (mm) Z Axis (mm) WMT1010-AL 1000 1000 150-200 WMT1515-AL 1300 1300 150-200 WMT2015-AL 1500 2000 150-200 WMT2515-AL 1500 2500 150-200 WMT2520-AL 2000 2500 150-200 WMT3015-AL 1500 3000 150-200 WMT3020-AL 1800 3000 150-200 WMT4020-AL 1500 4000 150-200 WMT4030-AL 1800 4000 150-200 WMT5020-AL 2000 5000 150-200 WMT6020-AL 2000 6000 150-200 WMT8020-AL 2000 8000 150-200 WMT12020-AL 2000 12000 150-200 WMT5030-AL 3000 5000 150-200 WMT6030-AL 3000 6000 150-200 WMT8030-AL 3000 8000 150-200 WMT12030-AL 3000 12000 150-200 Models of cantilever type CNC waterjet cutting machine Model number X Axis (mm) Y Axis (mm) Z Axis (mm) WMT1010-AX 1000 1000 150-200 WMT1515-AX 1300 1300 150-200 WMT2015-AX 1500 2000 150-200 WMT2515-AX 1500 2500 150-200 WMT2520-AX 2000 2500 150-200 WMT3015-AX 1500 3000 150-200 WMT3020-AX 1800 3000 150-200 WMT4015-AX 1500 4000 150-200 WMT4020-AX 1800 4000 150-200 WMT4030-AX 2000 4000 150-200 WMT5020-AX 2000 5000 150-200 WMT6020-AX 2000 6000 150-200 WMT8020-AX 2000 8000 150-200 WMT9020-AX 2000 9000 150-200 WMT10020-AX 2000 10000 150-200 CUTTING SAMPLES: OUR SERVICE OVER WORLD: 1. What kind of material does your water jet cutting machine can cut? There are plenty materials our water jet cutting machine can cut, such as stone, ceramic, quartz, glass, foam, plastic, rubber, copper, brass, aluminum, mild steel, pre-hardened steel, titanium, inconel and hastalloy 2. What's your cnc water jet cutting machine's max.cutting thickness? Generally speaking, if cut steel the max thickness of our water jet cutting machine can be up to 240mm, but we suggest cut not more than 150MM for smooth cutting. now our Z axis distance is 170mm, we can do special for customers. 3. How we supply after-service? Some countries we have after-service department, we will provide local service, if have no local service, we will arrange engineer for overseas installation and training. The installation and training time is generally 7-10 days. And we also can provide installation videos. 4. What's your delivery time? Generally speaking is 30 days. if have stock, 15 days. 5. if you are manufacturer or trader? we are factory, and our factory is in JINAN city, China. 6. what's your warranty? 2 years (2500 hours).

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