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inless Steel Sintex Water Tank


origin: China
packaging: Ordinary
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China New Technology Stainless Steel Sintex Water Tank with High-Quality, Leading New Technology Stainless Steel Sintex Water Tank Manufacturers & Suppliers, find New Technology Stainless Steel Sintex Water Tank Factory & Exporters.

New Technology Stainless Steel Sintex Water Tank Stainless steel welding water tank select the imported food grade stainless steel SUS pane,which avoid sunlight thoroughly. No breed and keeps clean water quality. Factory developed the special panel and the difficult stamping forming process and achieved the minimum material consumption with highstrength requirements. The weight of steel tanks is only onethird of the ordinary one. We select highest quality stainless steel panel to get lowest the price. Insulate panel fully in line through the overall locking and covering the surface. We can accord your requirement to model different size of the panel, the volume can meet all design requirements. And if the installation site has no special request we can provide insulation service . Application 1. Construction & fire-fighting water supply 2. Water storage pool 3. Water supply for living and production of industry, mining and enterprise 4. Water circulation system, chilling water and hot water supply system Water tank Structure FRP Water Tank physical and chemical properties Project Performance index Tensile strength (Mpa) ≥60 Bending strength (Mpa) ≥100 Bending modulus (Gpa) ≥7.0 Pap hardness ≥60 Bibulous rate, % ≤1.0 Glass fiber content,% ≥25 our Service : Before-sale services: (1) Tell customers how to use our products and matters needing attention. (2) Guide customers to choose the best and economic product, recover the investment within short time. (3) Site inspection if you need. In-Sale services: (1)Quality control must be inspected strictly. (2)In accordance with the agreements stipulated in the contract. After-sale services: (1) If the project needs our installation guidance, we can send our engineer and translator. We can also send customers installation video to teach them how to fix and operate with our product. (2) Usually, our product warranty is 18 months after leaving factory or 12 months after installation. within this months, all parts broken will be responsible for our factory. (3) Regular contact with customer, consult with the customer feedback, come true with the customer's two-way communication.

Hot Water Storage Heater SS Tank, Stainless Steel Water Tank Container, Water Tank With Stainless Steel Material,

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