Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Scienzcare.Proven protection in this glovewhich meets all your examination needs.Not made withnatural rubber latex. Scienzcare.Powdered format to increase ease of donning andremoval.These gloves have a shelf life of 5 years fromthe date of

Disposable Latex Gloves

Scienzcare.Latex gloves deliver protection,flexibility and durability.Innovative manufacturing process providesunsurpassed grip in wet and dry settings.Unique polymer coating improves easeof donningThis product contains natural rubber latex

Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Scienzcare.The glove helps counteract redness,irritation and skin damage with a protective layer on the hands to naturallynourish dry and sensitive skin.Theunrivaled strength of nitrile delivers enhanced barrier protection. Designed tofit l

Evertor Everolimus 5 mg Tablets

Evertor Everolimus 5 mg Tablets Details :Brand Name : EvertorActive Ingredient : EverolimusManufactured by : BioconStrength : 5 mgForm : TabletsPackaging Size : 10 Tablets (in each pack)Used for : Evertor (Everolimus) is used as an immunosu

Mindray PM9000 Adult Finger Clip Spo2 Sensor

兼容性:迈瑞:PM 600,PM 6000(新),PM 7000,6201,PM 8000,PM 9000,PM 9000 Express,MEC 100,MEC 200,MEC 1000,MEC 1200,809B,VS 800; Mennen Enmove 1000,Mercury; 控创:7138,7840,7845; Medec:MEDEC-1000,M-1000,M-1100; 创意:PC9000,UP

Adult Single tube NIBP cuff

ħ臂围新生儿 (单管;双管)230 *45毫米6厘米〜11厘米婴儿 (单管;双管)298 *85毫米为10cm〜19厘米儿科 (单管;双管)410 *115毫米18厘米〜26厘米成人 (单管;双管)515 * 145mm 25cm〜35cm 成人大号 (单管双管)652 * 178mm 33cm〜47cm 腿 (单管双管)660

HP M1663A 10 lead EKG Trunk cable

此中继电缆可与以下EKG机器一起使用:78352C,78354C,78834C传统HP显示器,模块M1001A / B,M1002A / B,M3001A C12或选件 C18,IntelliVue多功能测量模块M3002A,选件。C12,MMS X2,M8102A选项。C12,MP2监视器,M8105A选项。C12,MP5监护仪,M3535A / M35

Nellcor DS-100A Finger Clip Spo2 Sensor

onnector指南:DB9- 7引脚兼容:Analogic:Lifegard II; Artema:Diascope; ChoiceMMed:MD300K1; Datascope:Accutorr Plus,Expert,Passport; 德雷格:西塞罗,Narkomed,维塔lert 1000; Corometrics 118,120,129,188,510,556,Critikon 9710,9720,Plus,

Adult Single tube NIBP cuff

Compatible with:Philips78352A/C, 78354A/C, M1008A/B M1176A, M1350B, M3000A M3001A (with M1598B, M1599B, tubing)Colin,Datascope-Passport, Acutor;Fukuda Denshi;Spacelabsall;(Please find the nearest sizes you want)714-0020-00 Child Arm Circums

Biolight M9500 compatible spo2 sensor,U409-8AL

We supply 6 different models for Biolight/BLT SpO2 Sensor:1.Biolight M69 Spo2 Sensor,digital output,Redel 5-pin,3mLink:http://www.sensorcables.com/goodsshow.php?cid=2tid=29id=1222.Biolight A3/A5/A6/A8 compatible spo2 sensor,round 9-pin,3mLi

BCI 3044 adult finger clip spo2 sensor,U422-2AS

BCI 3044 adult finger clip spo2 sensorConnector: DB-9PCompatible models:BCI 3300,3301,3302,3303,3304,34013100,3101,6100,Advisor,Autocorr,Finger Print,Minitorr Plus,9100,DRAEGER Vitalert 1000,Cicero,Spacelabs Burdick:PRO2; Drager:Drager Oxip

BCI SpO2 Adapter Cable,U722-1A

Reference code: U722-1AConnector: Redel 7-pin Female to DB-9P FemaleCompatible models:BCI 3300,3301,6100,9100 Advisor, Autocorr, MiniToor, MiniTorr plus.Warranty:6 months

Anke spo2 adapter cable,U771-1A

Ref. no.:U771-1AConnector:Redel 5-pin to DB-9pinCompatible models:AnKe: 553, Biolight,Choice Electronics MMED6000DP,Goldway UT4000A, UT4000F, UT4000, VET420A;Cheersails: CSM-2000, WanDong, Jumbor: JB9101/9105/9107, TianRong, BaoZhong, HongR