Baby Diapers

1. PE Film Backsheet: with PE materials, economic type with size printing.2. PPTapes: sticky and can be use many times.3. BlueADL: distribute urine all over to make it more dry.4. Soft Cotton Topsheet: make baby feel more soft5. GoodAbsorbe

nitary Napkins Cooland Hygiene

We provide Sanitary Napkins Cooland Hygiene which isNatural Of Mint And Aloe,Extra Absorbent By Green Center Link andSuper SlimSoftQuick DetailsType:Ultra Thin, winged sanitary towel Material:Mesh Shape:Winged Feature:Breathable Style:Dispo

Aleppo Traditional Soap 50%

Aleppo soap is known as Aleppo Ghar Soap, Savon dalep, Alep soap, Olive soap, Syrian soap and in Arabic Language "Sapun Ghar".Aleppo soap is a traditional soap in Syria made of olive and laurel oil. It helps to prevent hair loss, anti-dandr

Aleppo Laurel Oil Liquid Soap

Aleppo liquid soap helps to moisturize the skin and it's also anti-bacterial. Aleppo Laurel Oil Liquid Soap helps to recover skin diseases because it has an effective cleanser, antibiotic, and olive oil moisturizes the skin and regenerating

Aleppo Flakes Soap

Aleppo Flakes soap made of pure olive soap can be hydrated to createthe laundry or cleaning solution needed. Our flakes are a concentration of purevegetable soap that are specially formulated to clean gently and launder naturally.They are m

Best Cotton Baby Diapers

China Best Cotton Baby Diapers Manufacturer: Best Baby Diapers, Cotton Material, 3D Leak GuardLeg Cuffs, Japan Sandia SAPUSA Domtar Fluff Pulp.Quick Details: Name: Baby Diaper with Super Absorbency.Age Group: 0-18 Months.Material: Cotton.Ma

Breathable Cotton Panty Liners

China Breathable Cotton Panty Liners Producer Supplies Breathable Cotton Panty Liners: Soft, Skin-Protective, Waterproof, Super Absorbent, Odor Control and Fan-Shape.Quick Details: Name: Breathable Cotton Panty Liners.Length: 155mm.Shape: F

High Quality Baby Diapers

China High Quality Baby Diapers Manufacturer: High Quality Baby Diapers, Dry Surface, Blue ADL, 3D Leak GuardLeg Cuffs, Breathable Backsheet.Name: High Quality Baby Diapers.Age Group: 0-18 Months.Material: Non-Woven.Magic Tapes: Breathable

Ultra Thin Cotton Sanitary Napkin

China Ultra Thin Cotton Sanitary Napkin Producer Supplies Ultra Thin Cotton Sanitary Napkin: Soft, Protective, Waterproof, Absorbent, Light and Breathable.Quick Details: Name: Ultra Thin Cotton Sanitary Napkin.Length: 240mm.Shape: Winged.Ma

Soft Cotton Menstrual Pad

China Soft Cotton Menstrual Pad Factory Produces Soft Cotton Menstrual Pad: Breathable, Clean, Dry Contact Surface, comfortable, Convenient and Absorbent.Quick Details: Name: Soft Cotton Menstrual Pad.Length: 240mm.Shape: Winged.Material: C