H1 Smart Soft Tissue Dental Diode Laser 980nm 10W

Applications:1. Soft Tissue SurgeryP1 Dental Laser is capable of creating precision cuts in gingiva and other soft tissues while also eliminating bleeding at the site and reducing the healing time for the patient.2. Endodontics S1 Dental La

Disposable Universal Surgical Pack

Disposable Universal Surgical Pack1.Scope of Application: Used for one-time protection during the surgery conducted by the department of a medical therapy unit2. Supports customization according to the customer's drawings and requirements.F

Sterilization reel-tyvek

KMNPack Tyvek sterilization reels and pouches made of uncoated Tyvek web and transparent multi-layer PET/PP copolymer films decisively determined by the choice of materials. Two water based, non-toxic process indicators for hydrogen peroxid

Hospital Manual Hydraulic operating table

产品描述CreBle 200医院手动液压手术台 有更多功能:手动液压控制系统。手动液压Ot Table,全套液压控制系统,用于液压锁定保护,低噪音,高安全性和可靠性。手动液压手术台,表分为几个活动段:头板,背板,座板,腿板。背板由肩部和肾部(可选)组成。手动

Double dome hollow OT lamp shadowless operating light

产品描述双圆顶空心OT灯 无影工作灯带有反射器,采用CAD / CAM技术制造,具有真空镀膜光学级表面,不会剥落或褪色,使用寿命长.OT灯波纹前盖采用模压成型与德国进口的拜耳PC(防弹塑料)通过最新的双圆顶操作灯,卤素操作灯和操作台,这些技术,使得柔和的光

Medical ceiling halogen operating lamp with CE

Medical ceiling Halogen Operating LampLewin medicalceiling halogen operating lampcan widely be used in diversified operation occasion to meet the demand of the illumination, and it is the ideal illumination instrument of the modern operatin

Double Dome LED Surgical Operation Light

CRELED5700 / 5500双圆顶LED手术操作灯双圆顶LED手术操作灯由LEWIN Medical设计和生产,用于医院操作室使用。CreLed 5700/5500 LED型手术灯可在各种手术或手术中提供冷光。由于LED光源,医生或患者的光线不会很热。此外,LED灯泡可以使用超过50,000小时,这可

Led Dual Operating Surgical Light

操作Light Led应用范围从医院剧院到门诊,小cilinic和医生办公室设置。无论我们的需求是手术室中的双操作灯,创伤舱,ER中的治疗灯还是手术灯,这款Dual Surgical灯都可以根据您的需求进行配置。此操作灯可提供单头,双头和三头配置。特征1.采用新型LED芯片作

Mingtai LED3000 continental base mobile auxiliary or light


Mingtai LED720/520 mobile petal model surgical light

当深部手术时,表面组织可能遮挡部分照明光,从而在手术区域中形成局部阴影。花瓣型号系列设置为深度照明模式,系统自动关闭无效LED光源并有选择地自动增强有效LED灯亮度修复阴影技术参数:技术参数明泰LED720明泰LED520照度(勒克斯)160,000 120,000色温(

Mingtai LED720/520 standard model surgical lamp

明泰LED720 / 520进口配置型号 手术灯 外壳采用ABS材料,一体化设计,四个手柄环绕,流线型超薄设计,厚度不超过18CM,获得优异的层流效果技术参数:技术参数明泰LED720明泰LED520照度(勒克斯)160,000 120,000色温(开尔文)4,300 4,300可调色温(开尔文)

Mingtai LED760/560 classic model operating light

明泰LED760 / 560经典型号 操作灯 面板回转半径:182cm,灯具可以拉到垂直地板,方便任意角度照明。统一ABS操作手柄和灯头中间操作手柄方便操作。产品执行国际IEC标准。技术参数:技术参数明泰LED760明泰LED560照度(勒克斯)180000130000色温(开尔文)43004

Mingtai LED760/560 petal model shadowless light

明泰LED760 / 560花瓣模型无影灯 CRI超过90,真实可以反射物体的颜色, 4300色温可以产生自然光线的白光,适合外观检查产品特点:1.无影照明阴影将被光线稀释无论操作位置在何处,光的对称性都可以对阴影进行完美控制。它拥有重叠的光技术五星层流效应冷流设

Sexual Weakness Medicine

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Mingtai LED760/560 classic model operating light

Technical parameters:Technical parametersMINGTAI LED760MINGTAI LED560Illuminance (lux)180,000130,000Color Temperature (Kelvin)4,3004,300Adjustable Color Temperature (Kelvin) (Optional)3600-56003600-5600Color Rendering Index (CRI)9696Red Col

M2 Surgical Laser

Applications1. PLDDPercutaneous laserdisc decompression (PLDD) is a type of surgery in which a laser probe isinserted into the intervertebral disc space and laser energy applied forachieving decompression and neuromodulation thereby relievi

Disposable Pad for meditech Defibrillator

Meditech Defibrillator pad features include:Optimal water absorption of the gelGood adhesion on perspiring skinUtilization of minimal thickness layers of materials increases flexibilityMaximum contact area means minimum impedance values and

Defibrillator analyzer

D-SENSEThe accuracy of its performance parameters related to the safety of patients, must be through the corresponding detection equipment AED production of the performance parameters of the test and regular performance check. Meditech D-Se

Defi6 AED Portable Defibrillator 

Defi6 AED Portable DefibrillatorA: Defibrillation counterB: SD card C: Pressure sensor iconE: Date and timeF: Battery H: Pressure sensor intensity bar I: User modeJ: System statusK: Pad statusL: Filter statusM: Ecg waveform area

Operating Table Medical Equipment

SPECIFICATIONTable height:680mm~880mmLength and width: 1990mmx480mmReversed Trendelenburg: 20ºTrendelenburg: 15ºLeft inclining angle: 15ºRight inclining angel: 15ºUpward folding angle of back rest: 42ºDownward folding angle of back res

New Series LED operation light

1. Germany imported Osram LED medical light source is adoptedII LED Touch pad control system is developed for adjustment control of power switch, brightness switch, illumination level, color temperature, color rendering index, to meet medic

II Series LED Operation light 700/500

MEDECO LED OPERARING LIGHT PARAMETER:Technical specifications for lightsLED700LED500Illumination(Lux)40,000~160,000 (8 levels)40,000~120,000 (8 levels)Focusable light-field size (mm)150~300150~300Colour temperature3500 4000 4500 50003500 40

II Series LED Shadowless Light 500 Mobile with Battery

II LED Touch pad control system is developed for adjustment control of power switch, brightness switch, illumination level, color temperature, sopt size,color rendering index, to meet medical personnel requirement of variant operation.In co

Saturn High Power Deep Tissue Therapy Laser

Laser therapy tissue repairmentTissue RepairmentPhotons of light from lasers penetrate deeply into tissue and acceleratecellular reproduction and growth. The laser light increases the energyavailable to the cell so that the cell can take on


Handheld Ultrasound scanner • Monitor: 5.5 inch TFT color LCD• Full digital beam forming technology• Gama correction, histogram Scanning angle adjustment• Display Mode: B,B+B,4B,B+M,M• Image magnification: ×1.0, ×1.2, ×1.5, ×2.0 ti


12.1 inch high brightness colorful TFT DisplaySimultaneous display of 7 lead ECG by one frameAnalysis of real time ST segment and arrhythmiaPowerful data review for graphic, tabular trends and alarms reviewStandard parameter of ECG,NIBP, RE


·Single Channel ECG·Complete digital and portable design·Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, AC/DC power supply·Auto/Manual work modeselect-able·Lead-off detection and display·Complete digital filtering, resisting baseline drift, AC

Defi express

03 Parameters Patient Monitor DefiXpress: Defibrillator.ECG.PR .SPO2· Screen: 7 inches (17.7 cm) diagonally,High-resolution display· Energy selection:0,3,5,7,10,20,30,50,100,200,300,360 joule· Defibrillator device voice alarm· Charge Ti