e/Black/Blue Nylon 6 PA6 Sheet

origin: china
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Nylon 6 Sheet name Polyamide 6 Sheet , also Pa 6 Sheet, it is a generic term for thermoplastic resins containing a repeating amide group - [NHCO] in the main chain of the molecule. Its name is determined by the specific number of carbon atoms in the synthesis monomer. Main Properties: - Easy to dye, more readily fades; - Higher impact resistance, - More rapid moisture absorption, - Greater elasticity and elastic recovery. Application: 1. Fan blades, structural panels, wear pads 2. Bearing parts, gear wheels, pump parts, parts in the automotive manufacturing 3. Sliding rails, castors, fittings etc Specification: Item name Nylon (PA6) sheet Type: extruded Size: 1000×2000mm Thickness: 8---100mm Density: 1.15 g/cm³ Color: White, Black, Blue Brand name: AHD Material: 100% virgin material Sample: FREE Alkali resistance: YES Carbonated water resistance +/0 Ketone resistance YES Physical Datasheet: Item Nylon (PA6) sheet Color: White,Black, Blue Proportion: 1.15g/cm³ Heat resistance (continuous): 85℃ Heat resistance (short-term): 160℃ Melting point 220℃ Linear thermal expansion coefficient (average 23~100℃): 90×10-6 m/(m.k) Average 23--150℃ 105×10-6 m/(m.k) Flammability(UI94): HB Tensile modulus of elasticity: 3250MPa Dipping into water at 23℃ for 24h 86% Dipping into water at 23℃ 9% Bending tensile stress/ Tensile stress off shock 76/- Mpa Breaking tensile strain ˃50% Compressive stress of normal strain-1%/2%: 24/46 MPa Pendulum gap impact test 5.5 KJ/m2 Rockwell hardness: M85 Dielectric strength: 25 kv/mm Volume resistance: 10 14Ω×cm Surface resistance: 10 13Ω Relative dielectric constant-100HZ/1MHz: 3.9/3.3 Critical tracking index(CTI) 600 Bonding capacity: + Food contact: + Acid resistance: - Alkali resistance + Carbonated water resistance: +/0 Aromatic compound resistance: +/0 Ketone resistance: + Packing & Delivery Packing Details : Wooden pallets on bottom with PE film coverd Delivery Details : 7 - 45 days according to the upload time and QTY http://www.ahdplastic.com

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