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China S2800 polypropylene spun-bonded nonwoven machine with High-Quality, Leading S2800 polypropylene spun-bonded nonwoven machine Manufacturers & Suppliers, find S2800 polypropylene spun-bonded nonwoven machine Factory & Exporters.

The S2800 polypropylene spun-bonded nonwoven product line is highly automated. only three to four people are required to operate the machine and pack the non-woven fabric rolls during the process of product line, which decreases greatly labor investment in order to increase the profit of you. The whole line consists of one spinning box, extruding machine, melt filter, measuring pump, refrigerator, winding machine and so on. These main components of the S2.8 m nonwoven machine are manufactured by professional factory in Changzhou, Shanghai or Wuhan. Also, the rest part of the S2800 PP spunbond nonwoven fabric line is manufactured by ourselves since our company has a large number of professional engineers and technicians. Index of product: (1) Raw material of product: Polypropylene chip (2) Width of end product:2800 mm (3) Denier per filament 1.8-2.5 denier (4) Maximum winding diameter:1650 mm (5) Product weight: 9-150g/㎡ (6) Production rate: 20-150m/min Technical process of product line: Recycling raw material + side material-melting and extruding-filtering-measuring-filtering-spinning-cooling-air dragging-air dispersing-air-laid web forming--cooling-winding-slitting-product packing-entering into the warehouse-conducting sales. Production capacity and energy consumption: For product which product weight is 30g/㎡, width is 2.8 m, the capacity is around 7500 KG/day; For product which product weight is 60g/㎡, width is 2.8 m, the capacity is around 8500 KG/day. S power consumption is around 500 KVH/ton-800 KVH/ton, and real energy consumption is decided by specifications of the product. Customer demand is our pursuit. If you have any question or any special requirement of the 2800 single beam spunbond nonwoven product line, please contact us directly. We will response you in 24 hours. http://www.yynonwovenmachine.com

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