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China Extra width & ultra width lamination machine with High-Quality, Leading Extra width & ultra width lamination machine Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Extra width & ultra width lamination machine Factory & Exporters.

Description: based on ZLX-LM series platform, ZLX-LMII lamination machines are specially designed to deal with lamination for extra width and ultra width. According to different orders and usages. ZLX-LM series lamination and laminating combination machines can finish works of lamination or laminating combination of two or more layers of base materials. Machines of this type have been used in doing laminating or combination for non-woven fabrics, paper, film, plastic sheet, textiles and a lot of composite materials with extra width, which modifies functions and adds value to products in industries such as food, packaging, advertising, daily consumptions, health care, medical industry, construction industry, etc. The main parameters of the Extra width & ultra width lamination machine: T-Die width 2800-4400mm Screw L/D ratio 32:1-35:1 Line speed 3-120m/min(Depending on product kinds and material properties) Installed power 150-320kw(Depending on product kinds and material properties) Product width 26000-4200mm Laminating layer thickness 0.012-0.80mm(Depending on product kinds and material properties) Lamination Output 120-350kg/h Main Features: 1. The whole techniques flow from feeding raw material to forming, and casting device adopts the advanced electric equipment, PLC controller &Human machine interface, they could be controlled solely or with high automation 2. The speed of extrusion and molding is controlled by PLC, the molding roller, silicone roller and assistant cooling roll adopts recycle water cooling structure, and it is good for casting effect. The molding rollers clutch adopts the pneumatic controller. 3. Electric Technology adopt international famous brand, it can suitable all countries. If you have any question about the extra width & ultra width lamination machine, please contact us directly. We will reply you as soon as possible. We are willing to take you to visit the factory. http://www.yynonwovenmachine.com

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