Diercon water filter straw


Price: USD 9.89/1
MOQ: 1000 1

Diecon life personal water filter straw can turn all kinds of fresh water into drinkable water immediately!
Ideal for: activities travel, hiking, wanderlust, cycling, hunting, camping, expedition, climbing, fishing, field forces, IAG, disaster, survival, military, emergency, etc.

Specification: Diercon water filter straw

Name Diercon water filter straw
Model PS01-01
Color Blue
Water source different fresh water(such as lakes, rivers, mountain or streams)
Output Approx. 400ml/min
Dimension Diameter 31*160mm
Net weight 60g
Filter capacity Up to 1500L depending on water quality(GAC filter element about 100L)
Material food grade PP, Hollow Fiber UF Membrane, Antibacterial GAC,etc.
Filter element 0.01 micron hollow filter, Carbon with Silver Ions filter
Guarantee 1 year
Feature Portable, Eco-friendly

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