Suzhou MyLand Pharm&Nutrition Inc.

Suzhou Myland Pharm&Nutrition Inc. is a leading manufacturer of health supplements with more than 20 years experience in this line. The company is the first one which developed Grape seeds extracts in China and made it  commercial production.


Molecular Weight: 341.411 Formula: c19H23N3o3 Name: 1-Prrolidineacetamide 2-0x0-N-(5,6.7.8-tetrahydro-2,3-dimethyfuro[2,3-bJquinolin-4-y)- Synonyms: Y1294; D01MHI; AN-469; EX-A739; 463c819; mkc-231; CS-2196; bci-540; mkc 231; DS-14004; HY-17553; AJ-08232; J-690145; AK-41975; ZINC4939; AC1L4WO1; PL045003; PL006617; TC-072260; KB-271979; AX8209310; CTK8D3778; ST2407347; 114-13061; v6f16o5gr7; FT-0697594; 4CH- 017490; K-0000OFA: CHEMBL 37935; coluracetam; mfcd00901416; AKOS015842255; SCHEMBL194780; DTXSID60159386; uni-v6f16o5gr7; coluracetam [inn]; Coluracetam, =99%; MOLPOR..., Coluracetam;Cas NO.: 135463-81-9


Molecular Weight: 299.49188 Formula: c18H37No2 Name: Hexadecanamide,N-(2-hydroxyethy)- Synonyms: AM 3112; Impulsin Palmidrol; NSC 23320 Loramine P256; 2-Palmitamidoethanol; Palmitoylethanolamide; N-Paimitoylethanolamine; 2- (almitoylamino)thanol; Palmitic monoethanolamide, (Hydroxyethylpalmitamide; N-Hexadecanoylethanolamine; N-(2-Hydroxyethy)palmitamide; Palmitic acid monoethanolamide; N-(2-Hydroxyethy)hexadecanamide, Cas NO.: 544-31-0

Magnesium L-Threonate

Molecular Weight: 294 495 Formula c8H14MgO10 Name: L-Threonic acid magnesium salt Synonyms: 107-0130; AK-74155; EBD26201; BR-74155; AN-27369; AX8169902; KB-254610; FT-0656778; 1Y26ZZ0OTM; K-00000933 mfcd16621117; AKOS015896711; DTXSID30670457; uni-1y26zz0otm; MOL PORT-020-180-050; magnesium I-threonate; magnesium I-threonate new; magnesium(2+) bis(-threonate); magnesium I-threonate anhydrous, magnesium(2+) ion bis(-threonate); magnesium (2r,3s)-2.3.4-trihydroxybutanoate, magnesiumbis(2,3s)-23,4-trihydroxybuta.., Cas NO.: 778571-57-6


Molecular Weight: 218.256 Fomula: c12H14N2o2 Name: 1-Prrolidineacetamide,2-0x0-4-pheny- Synonyms: Q803; DS- 1993; EX-A735; RL04969; 472P709; CS-1574; A839108; 14-7791; AN-36811; AC1L30ZV; AC1Q4ZOM; AK-81769; BCP22034; OR015041; Carphedo; HY-14840; J-500892; HE047175; HE243701; Karfedon; Carphedon; AX8099931; DB-075328; AB0017814; BBL 100068; ANW-44593; ST2403841; TX-011607; STL511045; CTK8B4279; LS-137084; ACMC-1BL AK: TRA0024565; F2147-9813; 4CH-000424; HMS2 13111; 77472-70-9; ST51004767; FT-0657843; carphedone; KS-0000O8D..., Cas NO.: 77472-70-9


Molecular Weight: 318.373 Name: Noopept, Noopept;Cas NO.: 157115-85-0

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