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Composite Drainage Net

High-density polyethylene as the raw material, through a special extrusion process from processing, with three special structure. The middle ribs are rigid and vertical, and the straight drainage channels are formed in the drainage direction. The ribs on both sides are crossed to increase the overall stability of the drainage network. Three-dimensional composite drainage network and geotextile composite use, composed of a complete "anti-filter - drainage - protection" effect. It’s one of the best drainage geosynthetics materials at present., Geonet, Geonet for Drainage, Composite Geonet

polyester warp knitting geogrid

Geogrid is made of polypropylene,polyethylene or other high molecular polymers. They will be two-dimensional grid shape or three-dimensional grid with a certain degree through thermoplastic or mould pressing., Geogrid, PP Geogrid, Polyester Geogrid, Fiberglass Geogrid, HDPE Geogrid

needle punched nonwoven geotextile

Geotextiles also called geotextile fabrics,It’s permeable geosynthetics made of synthetic fibers through woven or needle punched., Geotextile, Needle Punched Geotextile, Nonwoven Geotextile, Polyester Nonwoven Geotextile, PP Nonwoven Geotextile.

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