Hangkui Sea-Products & Co Ltd

Hangkui Sea-Products & Co. Ltd is best known and most respected as a mid-size "Concept to Completion" Seafood company, and it is one of the leading International Seafood suppliers and Exporters in Cameroon that operates a streamlined supply chain of a variety of high quality live, fresh, frozen and Dried seafood products including its own processing plant in Douala which is in the Littoral region of the country. We also have an exceptionally and efficiently trained and qualified team of in-house product R&D department as well as warehousing facilities. The head office of the establishment is located precisely in Bonadikombo, Douala, which is a seaport facility that is located in the Littoral Province.

Hangkui Sea-Products & Co Ltd started in Bonadikombo in 1991 primarily as a small, locally owned fishing company and in a relatively short time has become a leader in the fishing sector. On the 24th day of November 2011, Hangkui Sea-Products & Co Ltd was incorporated in the Credit and Property Registry of the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries (MINEPIA) as a Limited Company, thus obtaining its first 10 years renewable Export License. We are also registered and regulated by the Cameroonian Chamber of Commerce. Production hailed from Hangkui is well equipped with extensive process control systems (HACCP), according to EU and FDA requirements until products delivery. Thus our factories are approved by HACCP, EEC, BAP, EFSIS, FDA etc.

Our products portfolio consists of more than 9 segmented lines of the highest quality seafood products ranging from Live, Frozen and Dried. From the vast majority of our products collected/harvested from the Atlantic waters (FAO 34), only approximately 75% is dedicated for exports, while the remaining 25% is destined for internal domestic consumption.

Dried Seahorse

Hangkui Sea-Products & Co Ltd is among the top three legal exporters of high quality dried seahorse from Africa with an average export capacity of 2,500 Kg per month. We only the Dried Hippocampus algiricus internationally, while the Hippocampus carpensis and the Hippocampus algiricus are sold live (to be kept in water tanks and aquarium). Our dried seahorses are of the greatest sizes, measuring between 19 to 23 cm in length. So far, our government have awarded us the greatest export quota this year. Our seahorses are naturally sun dried in the most stringent hygienic conditions with no chemicals or additives and with no molds or worms and also no smell. After they are dried and ready for export, we obtain the CITES, Certificate of Origin and the Sanitary health certificate together with the Airway Bill of lading. The qualities of our Dried Seahorse has gained enormous appraisals in Hong Kong, Thailand, China and Taiwan.,

Dried Sea Cucumbers

Hangkui Sea-Products & Co Ltd processes 2 different kinds of dried sea cucumbers which are all collected from the wild. The processing of our sea cucumbers are of the highest possible standards. They are thoroughly cleaned, gutted, boiled and naturally sun dried in the most proper hygienic standards. We do offer packaging in polypropylene bags of 30kg and also in standard carton boxes of 15kg NET weight. The value of our dried sea cucumbers are comparable only to that of Japan. We do sign constant supply contracts to reliable clients., Sea Cucumbers, Dried Sea cucumbers, Spiky sea cucumbers, Prickly sea cucumbers

Live, Frozen and Dried Abalones

Hangkui Sea-Products & Co. Ltd is among the ultimate harvesters and exporters of the Live Atlantic Abalones (Haliotis midae), most commonly called "Perlemoen". Our Live and frozen abalones are categorized on the following sizes by weight 90/110g, 120/150g, 160/220g, 220/280g, 280/340g, and 340/430g with packing of -6% driploss allowance. All packaging is done in a 15Kg NET styrofoam boxes and shipped with the appropriate documents (Certificate of Origin and the Sanitary Health Certificate). We process and export 3 different types in very strict hygienic conditions as follows: Live abalones, IQF Abalones and the Dried Abalones. We are exporting close to 4 tons per week to countries like USA, Canada, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Japan and Taiwan., Live Abalones, Frozen Abalones, Dried Abalones

Dried Nile Perch Maw

Hangkui Sea-Products & Co. Ltd being among the top 3 ultimate producers and exporters of Dried Nile Perch Maw, we have been termed "the bench mark" supplier of high quality African Dried Seafood products. We supply Dried Nile Perch Maw of sizes as follows: 80/100g, 110/180gr, 190/280g with each size having its own price. Our Dried Nile Perch Maws are extremely clean with no fatty deposits and are naturally sun dried with no mold or smell. Our dried Nile Perch maw has gained enormous appraisals in countries like Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, China, UK, US and Singapore. Contact us for more information and deliveries., Dried Fish Maw, Fish Maw, Nile Perch Fish Maw, Nile Perch Maw, Dried Nile Perch Fish Maw

Live Ornate Lobsters

Hangkui Sea-Products & Co Ltd is respected for the sourcing of one of the most highly valued specie of Lobsters know as Tiger/Ornate/Spiny or Flower Lobsters (Panulirus ornatus). We offer this specie of lobsters at the following sizes: 420/500gr, 500/700g, 700/820g, 820/1000gr, 1000/1300gr, 1300/1500g. We have an export capacity of approximately 4 tons per week with regular flight schedules. Most of this specie of lobsters is always pre-booked in advance as we strive to serve our regular clients first. Contact us for prices and supplies., Live Lobsters, Ornate Lobsters, Live Flower Lobsters, Flower Lobsters, Lobsters, Live Ornate Lobsters

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