ight Amber 5mm Throuh-hole LED

Wanting to zing your LED project? We are the big fun of this Amber LED!This Amber 5mm LED got the highest brightness on Amber Through-hole diffused 5mm led and its wavalength is among Red led and Yellow led, which is got a range between 595

C Swing Check Valve Flange End

Ningbo RMI Plastic Co.,Ltd offer several models of PVC check valve, include flange type swing check valve, socket type swing check valve, PVC flange ball check valve, PVC true union ball check valve, PVC single union ball check va

PVC Foot Valve Flange End

PVC foot valve model RPV148 is a flanged type foot valve, it is a heavy duty plastic foot valve with size from 2" to 12". this type UPVC check valve is usually used in industrial area due to it's strong body and good strength. the flange st