le IBR and Corrugated Machines

Metal Double IBR and Corrugated MachinesWe are the professional manufacturerof roof tile roll forming machine.We havetrapezoidal sheet roll forming machinefor color steel IBR sheet, corrugated sheet roll forming machinefor corrugated sheet.

Wood Floor Polishing Machines

Electric Marble Wood Floor Polishing MachinesIt is suitable for grinding and polishing of indoor ground.Adjust the handle: adjust the operating lever to the best working height.Handle: built-in metal handle, more durable.Motor: high-power m

l HPMC for Dry Mortar Machines

In the construction industry,The HPMCas a water retaining agent and retarding agent for water and sediment, the sand slurry can be pumped.Use mortar, gypsum, putty powder or other building materials as adhesives to improve the applicability

ic injection moulding machines

140 ton Bole plastic injection moulding machinesBole centre clamping structure■ 100% clamping force use, 10%-20% higher than traditional toggle structure.■ Less possibility of flash, save flash trim work.■ Save 2-5% material.■ Offer goo

Testosterone Enanthate

Long Lasting Single EsterTestosterone enanthate is a long lasting single ester steroid. It is 7 carbons in length. What this means, is that more of the weight of the steroid is testosterone as opposed to ester weight. When taking a quantity