Framed extending wall mirror

Simple and LuxuryMany people like large mirrors, but too large mirrors take up too much space and are inconvenient to use. Our framed extending wall mirror can make you have a large mirror and it is easy to use. So it also can be used as ma

uble side lighted table mirror

FashionDouble side lighted table mirror has regular and 3 times magnifying function. The regular side can see real thing, the 3 times magnifying side can see some details, so you can choose your favorite mirror to use. So it also can be cal

Side Frameless Bathroom Mirror

Simple and GenerousThis is a mirror that can meet your daily needs. Its appearance is simple and generous. It is a good decoration at home and can be perfectly matched with all the furniture. This one side frameless bathroom mirror is worth

45 degree AOI Hot/Cold Mirror

45 Degree AOI Hot/Cold MirrorHot Mirror Reflect IR,transmit Visible Light,Cold Mirror, Reflect Visible, transmit IRThese Hot Mirrors have a 0° and 45° angle of incidence and are ideal for decreasing the undesirable heat caused by infrared

Transformer Oil Purification Dehydration Plant

The SVP single stage vacuum transformer oil purification dehydration machine works under the vacuum status, the working vacuum reach to -0.095MPa, the high vacuum pressure maximize the water and gas extraction rates. Meanwhile, SVP vacuum t