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Hydraulic Oil Recycling Filter Machine

Hydraulic oil is widely used in industrial machinery today, the contaminated oil will reduce working efficiency of equipment and damage the components of machinery, so we should use hydraulic oil recycling filter machine to keep the cleanli

SVP Transformer Insulating Oil Purifier

Series DVP double stags high vacuum transformer insulating oil purifier be able to quickly separate the harmful ingredients from transformer insulating oil, such as water, impurities, gas, acetylene, hydrogen, methane and others, the transf


ApplicationsFor water supply from well or reserviorsFor domestic use,for civil and industrial applicationsOperating conditionsMaximum fluid temperature up to +40℃Maximum sand content:0.25%Motor and PumpRewindable MotorSingle-phase:220-240V

ZYB483.3/ZYB-633 slag oil pump

ZYB-series slag oil pump Product OverviewZYB-slag oil pump main using self-sealing lubricating , automatic adjustment of the gap structure , high wear-resistant materials to manufacture all parts . ZYB residue pump has a compact, self-absor

NYP0.78 rotor pump Bo Taibang

Overview:NYP high viscosity rotor pump within based on the demand for petroleum, chemical, paint and other industries , research and development of new positive displacement pump , because the product may use different materials and its uni

KCB18.3 gear pump copper

KCB-T series of copper gear pump structural featuresThis series of gear pumps are gear , shaft, pump , valve , shaft seal formed . Heat treated gears have high hardness and strength , together with the operating shaft mounted in a replac

ZYB-B regulator slag oil pump

ZYB-B regulator slag oil pump is in the original ZYB-slag oil pump base improvements made . can pump regulator material selection of the main components of better quality wear-resistant materials , heat-treated high strength and hardness. Z