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Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. has established a sense of environmental protection in the minds of employees and implemented environmental protection content in every detail of the work. Our company will always regard environmental protection as an important task of our company. While conducting scientific research, we will pay more attention to environmental benefits.

 Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise related to manufacture, marketing, installation and after sale service etc.The company is committed to developing and manufacturing of all kinds of large scale and small acale equipment. It won leading position and good reputation with its high quality products and professional service.DoingGroup has won good reputation with its advanced production technology, professional installation and after-sales service.The main products: waste tire pyrolysis plant, continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant , waste oil distillation machine with relavent equipements, like tire cutter, carbon black briquette machine and carbon black grinding mill etc;scrap cable wire recycling machine. PCB (Printed Circuit Board ) recycling machine. Aluminum and plastic composition recycling machine. Home electric applaince recycling machine, etc.

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pyrolysis plant   

waste tire pyrolysis plant

continuous pyrolysis plant

continuous tyre pyrolysis plant

continuous plastic pyrolysis plant


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Henan Doinggroup

DOING Company specialized in waste tyre and plastic recycling machinery ,waste oil distillation machine.

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