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Waste tire oil distillation machine


Certification:: CE&ISO9001
Warranty:: 1 year
Material of reactor:: standard Q245R boiler steel
Price: USD 70000.00/set
MOQ: 1 set


Waste tire oil distillation machine can refining waste tire oil into diesel oil, which can be directly used to tractors,trucks,diesel oil generators.

We are all familiar with recycling newspapers, aluminum cans, glass and plastic bottles, but you may not be aware of the efforts of the petroleum industry and other groups to promote used tire oil recycling: providing convenient collection sites for the purpose of keeping used tire oil out of our waterways and ground water supplies and getting used oil into the recycling system. If you recycle just two gallons of used oil it can generate enough electricity to run the average household for almost 24 hours.

Raw materials and end products of waste tire oil distillation machine:
Raw materials: waste engine oil/ lube oil/ tire oil
Products: 85% diesel, 10% asphalt, 5% water and other impurities
Working process of waste tire oil distillation machine
1. Prepare used engine oil
2. Heating for distillation
3. Cooling
4. Chemical process for cleaning the distillation oil
5. Collect final diesel product

Our waste tire oil distillation machine mainly has 2 advantages:
1. Vertical design: which can make fast and automatic discharge for asphalt residues;
2. Coil heater with conduction oil heating method:
Coil heater can make heating evenly and fast, it can keep processing 3 batches oil in 2 days without stop;
Conduction oil is for recycle use, which can save a lot of heating fuel for you.
We DOING Company is a professional manufacturer specialized in waste recycling machinery. The waste tire oil distillation machine is one of our main products. The used oil recycling machine, we usually call it waste fuel oil to diesel refining machine which can refine the waste or used oil to clean fuel for further use through a distillation and chemical process.

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Skype: bonniezhao2

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DOING Company specialized in waste tyre and plastic recycling machinery ,waste oil distillation machine.

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