Henan Perfect Handling Equipment Co. Ltd

Henan Perfect Handling Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional & international manufacturing factory specialized in researching, developing, producing and selling material handling equipment.

We have got CE, SGS, ISO, CO certificates about our products, and our products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions.

based on modern plant and advanced production equipment, we can produce all kinds of handling equipment from 1-1300 tons, our main products including BDG conductor rail equipment, BJT cable drum type, BHX safety sliding line type, BXC battery type, BTL towed cable type, BP non-power type, BQY train towed type, BWP trackless type and special type, such as turning cart, trackless cart, ladle car, hydraulic lifting car, ferry car, painting room car, blasting booth car, etc.

Industrial use remote control motorized 5t battery powered rail transfer cart

This Rail Transfer carts are movable platforms used for the horizontal movement of materials, assemblies and other items. Originally designed for load transfer between overhead crane bays, rail transfer carts are now used to carry loads along assembly lines, carry an entire shift of production on and even as a stable movable machine base., transfer cart,transfer wagon,transfer bogie

15T Transport Steerable Heavy Duty Plant Trailer with Draw Bar

General Introduction for Steerable Trailer PERFECT transport solution china made steerable trailer with draw bar can be pushed by manpower or towed by other vehicles,such as winch, forklift or tractor. If one trailer is powered by forklift, then a drawbar is needed. There are two kinds of drawbar type, one is fixed length drawbar, the other is adjustable drawbar. The length can be customized as per customer’s demand. The turning radius is designed as per trailer dimension., transfer cart

Material Handling molten steel ladle transfer car

The electric molten steel transfer car are the new model ones that our engineers design according to the brick suppliers' information for the site situation and requirement. This kind of electric molten steel transfer car can operate smoothly under the situation of high temperature and bad environment. This electric molten steel transfer car is in the high quality, with a low cost and steady performance! It can also meet the clients' various nonstandard requirements., transfer car

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