Optical Cable Wire Mesh Socks


origin: China
packaging: Wooden Box or Paper Box
MOQ: 10

China Optical Cable Wire Mesh Socks with High-Quality, Leading Optical Cable Wire Mesh Socks Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Optical Cable Wire Mesh Socks Factory & Exporters.

Optical Cable Wire Mesh Socks Uses: Used to drag,install and hold tight the OPGW (optical) cable. Cable Pulling Mesh Socks of various types including cable,conductor and OPGW Pulling Mesh Socks,Cable Pulling Sock,Mesh Sock Joint,Cable Net Sheath Connector,Cable Net Sheath Socks,Pulling Sock Grips,Pulling Socks,OPGW Socks,which is widely used to used to connect and hold tight the conductors,it can get through every kind of stringing pulley while stringing electric power lines. Product No. Model Rated Load (KN) Suitable OPGW Ф(mm) Weight (Kg) 10449 GL-1 10 7-11 0.4 10450 GL-2 15 11-15 0.6 10451 GL-3 20 15-17 0.8 10452 GL-4 25 17-22 1.1 http://www.qypowerline.com

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OPGW Net Sheath Connector, OPGW Cable Pulling Sock Grips, Wire Mesh Sock Pulling Grip,