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Plastic grinding media – RKX plastic grinding chips



Plastic grinding media – RKX plastic grinding chips
RKX plastic media is preformed plastics, the other workhorse media,
are also available in a variety of grades or bodies, with some
manufacturers having nine grades while others have as few as three.

This media is formed by bonding abrasives (generally 40-70% by
weight) into polyester, usually by casting. After casting, this media is
typically pre-tumbled to remove flash. The plastic media is sofer, has a
lower density than preformed ceramic media, providesa cusioning effect,
and sometimes has a shorter life. It is well suitable for finishing
softer metals and fragile parts, achieving pre-plating requirements, and
producing smooth finishes as low as 5 micrometers.

During finishing the
matrix which is softer than the abrasive, is eroded, leaving the
abrasive to perform the desired work, While some users believe it
assures parts free of impingement, this is not ture, All the mass
finishing processes expert for f

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