Anabolic Raw Steroid Powder Trenbolone Base for Muscle Building


CAS register number: 10161-33-8
Molecular formula: C18H22O2
Molecular weight: 270.37
Price: USD 1.00/Gram
MOQ: 10 Gram

Basic Info.

Product name: Trenbolone
Alias: Trenbolone; Estra-4,9,11-trien-3-one,17b-hydroxy- (7CI,8CI);(+)-Trenbolone; 17b-Hydroxyestra-4,9,11-trien-3-one;17b-Trenbolone;9,10,11,12-Dehydro-19-nortestosterone;RU2341;Estra-4,9,11-trien-3-one,17-hydroxy-, (17b)-; Trienbolone; b-Trenbolone;
CAS register number: 10161-33-8
Molecular formula: C18H22O2
Molecular weight: 270.37
Assay: 99%
Appearance: Light yellow crystal powder
Usage: It can be used for muscle building. Trenbolone is literally the most powerful anabolic steroid conventionally and commercially available. Trenbolone is an extremely powerful, impressive, and versatile anabolic steroid that tends to suffer from a heavy shroud of rumor, misunderstanding, and mysticism.

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Product Description:

Trenbolone is essentially a derivative of Nandrolone with some very significant differences in its chemical properties and strength. Trenbolone and its parent hormone Nandrolone both belong to a class/category of anabolic steroids known as 19-nor compounds, or 19-nors (short for 19-nortestosterone). 19-nor anabolic steroids are labeled as such because they lack the 19th carbon on their structure - this carbon exists on Testosterone and all other anabolic steroids with the exception of 19-nor compounds, such as Nandrolone and Trenbolone.

Trenbolone is also much more potent than testosterone at suppressing endogenous androgen production. This makes clear the fact that estrogen is not the only culprit with negative feedback inhibition, as here there is no buildup of this hormone to report here. There is however some activity as a progestin inherent in this compound, as trenbolone is a 19-nortestosterone (nandrolone) derivative (a trait characteristic of these compounds).

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Product List:

Testosteron Series Powder

Testosteron (CAS:58-22-0)

Testosteron Cypionate (CAS:58-20-8)

Testosteron Enanthate (CAS:315-37-7)

Testosteron Propionate (CAS:57-85-2)

Testosteron Decanoate (CAS:5721-91-5)

Testosteron acetate (CAS: 1045-69-8)

Testosteron Phenylpropionate (CAS:1255-49-8)

Testosteron Isocaproate (CAS:15262-86-9)

Testosteron Undecanoate (CAS:5949-44-0)

Sustanon250 (Testosteron Mixed)

4-Chlorotestosteron acetate(Turinabol)(CAS: 855-19-6)

4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosteron(oral turinabol)(CAS: 2446-23-3)

Muscle Steriod Powder

Oxandrolon(Anava*) (CAS:53-39-4)

Oxymetholon(Anadro*) (CAS:434-07-1)

Stanozol(Winstro*) (CAS:10418-03-8)

metandienone(Danabol) (CAS:72-63-9)

Trenbolon acetate( Revalor-H)(CAS: 10161-34-9)

Trenbolon Enanthate

Trenbolon cyclohexylmethylcarbonate (CAS:23454-33-3)

Drostanolon Enanthate

Drostanolon Propionate (CAS: 521-12-0)

Methenolone enanthate (CAS: 303-42-4)

Methenolone Acetate (CAS:434-05-9)

Male Hormone

Methyltestosteron (CAS:58-18-4)

17a-Methyl-1-testosteron (CAS: 65-04-3)

6-bromoandrostenedione( CAS: 38632-00-7)

Epiandrosteron (CAS:481-29-8)

Dehydroepiandrosteron (CAS:53-43-0)


Mesterolon (CAS: 1424-00-6)

Fluoxymesteron (CAS:76-43-7)

17a-Methyl-Drostanolon(CAS: 3381-88-2)

Mestanolon (CAS:521-11-9)

Stanolon(CAS No: 521-18-6)

Boldenon Series Powder

Boldenon Acetate (CAS:2363-59-9)

Boldenon Undecylenate (CAS:13103-34-9)

Boldenon Cypionate (CAS:106505-90-2)

Nandrolon Series Powder

Nandrolon (CAS:434-22-0)

Nandrolon Decanoate (CAS:360-70-3)

Nandrolon Undecylate(CAS:862-89-5)

Nandrolon Phenylpropionate (CAS:62-90-8)

Nandrolon Cypionate (CAS:601-63-8)

Male Enhancement Drug

Antineoplastic Crude Drug

Tamoxifen Citrate(Nolvadex) (CAS:54965-24-1)

Clomiphene Citrate(Clomid) (CAS:50-41-9)

L-Triiodothyronine(T3)(CAS NO:55-06-1)


Weight Loss Drug

Sibutramin Hydrochloride (CAS:84485-00-7)


Rimonaban* (CAS: 158681-13-1)

Local Anaesthetic Drug

Benzocaine(CAS NO: 94-09-7)

Tetracaine hydrochloride (CAS: 136-47-0)

Procaine hydrochloride (CAS NO: 51-05-8)

Lidocaine Hydrochloride (CAS NO: 6108-05-0)

Estrogen Hormone

Progesterone (CAS: 57-83-0)

Estradiol (CAS: 50-28-2)

Estriol (CAS: 50-27-1)

Estradiol valerate (CAS: 979-32-8)

Diethylstilbestrol (CAS: 56-53-1)

Hexestrol (CAS:84-16-2)


Finasteride (CAS: 98319-26-7)

Dutasteride (CAS: 164656-23-9)

Androstan-17-ol,2,3-epithio-17-methyl-,(2a,3a,5a,17b)- (CAS:4267-80-5)

Estra-4,9-diene-3,17-dione (CAS:5173-46-6)

Methoxydienone (CAS:2322-77-2)

Altrenogest (CAS:850-52-2)

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