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Testosterones Base CAS:58-22-0


MOQ: 5


99.% Purity Testosterone Steroid Testoster Base Powder Test Base CAS NO 58-22-0


Basic Info

Product name:Testosterones base

Assay 98%

CAS register number :58-22-0

EINECS : 0-370-5

Molecular formula:19H28O2

Molecular weight: 8.42

Usage :an be used as pharmaceutical materialAppearance:hite crystalline powder

Description of Testosterons base:

99%Min Purity Testosterones base for Bodybuilding
Testosterones base belongs to the class of androgensIn fact this is the main androgenic hormone in the body.

It is a very powerful hormone and Testosterones base is largely responsible for the development of the testicles and prostate, as well as development of muscle tissue, bone density and strength.
Beyond these basic functions, Testosterones base is essential to our health and general well-being.
De low levels of Testosterones base can not only negatively affect muscle strength and bone density, but can also affect our mood.

Although part of the androgen class of steroidal hormones, Testosterones base is also strongly anabolic.
Both anabolic and androgenic, Testosterones base is like all steroid hormones, is derived from cholesterol and its natural production is largely regulated by the luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating
For these hormones are released, the pituitary gland must first be driven, and once LH and FSH are released, the stimulation of the testis is obtained, thereby causing the production of Testosterones base.
As you can see, important though the testes in the production of Testosterones base, the pituitary gland is also a key. Without normal functioning of the pituitary gland (in the brain), the natural production of Testosterones base can not do.

99.% Purity Testosterone Steroid Testoster ba<em></em>se Powder Test ba<em></em>se CAS NO 58-22-0

Usage And Synthesis

Chemical Properties white crystalline odourless solid
Usage androgen, antineoplastic
Usage Principal hormone of the testes, produced by the interstitial cells. Major circulating androgen; converted by 5α-reductase in androgen-dependent target tissues to 5α-dehydrotestosterone which is required for normal male sexual differentiation.

Also converted by aromatization to Estradiol. Testerone is a controlled substance (anabolic steroid). Androgen.
Usage Rivastigmine metabolite
Usage Secreted by the testis and is converted to
dihydrotestosterone in the target tissue where is appears to mediate many of the biological actions of testosterones. Biological Activity Endogenous androgen receptor agonist.

99.% Purity Testosterone Steroid Testoster ba<em></em>se Powder Test ba<em></em>se CAS NO 58-22-0

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MOQ: 5grams
Acceptable payment: Western Union, MoneyGram, Bitcoin and T/T
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Packing: Strictly Packing
Shipping time: Within 24 hours

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Testosterones Base, CAS:8-22-0,

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