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Price: USD 1.10/KG


Molecular Weight: 238.1
Formula: Na2o8s2
Name Sodium persulfate

Classification: Sulphate
Cas NO.: 7775-27-1
Molecular Formula: Na2O8S2
Melting Point: 100 °C
Boiling Point:
Stability: Stability Unstable. Strong oxidizer. Contact with combustible material may cause fire. Incompatible with combustible material, strong reducing agents, strong bases, alcohols, aluminium, magnesium. Protect from moisture.
Refractive index:
Flash Point: 180oC
Purity: 99%
Appearance: White crystalline powder
usage: industrial grade
Brand Name: sjtd
EINECS: 231-892-1
Aliase: Sodium Persulfate
Purity: 99%
Appearance:white crystal
Brand: sjtd
Bleaching and oxidizing agent.
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: 25kg/bag
Delivery Detail: at the day when receive the payment . about 15days after receive the payment .
Detailed Description
hot sales Sodium Persulfate(Cas no:7775-27-1 ) made in China !
Product Description

Sodium Persulfate
1. Factory price, good quality
2.Cas no:7775-27-1
3.Content: 99% min
4.White crystal
5.25kgs per bag

Description: Sodium Persulfate is a white crystal without odor, which are often used as a strong oxidizer or monomer polymerization initiator. It hardly absorbs moisture. Due to its extremely high pureness and stability, it can be stored easily. Besides, it also features in simple and safe usage, etc.

Items Specifications
Content ≥ 99.0%
Active Oxygen ≥ 6.65%
Chloride & Chlorate(Calculated as CI) ≤ 0.005%
NH4 ≤ 0.05%
Heavy metal(Calculated as Pb) ≤ 0.001%
Fe ≤ 0.001%
Mn ≤ 0.0001%
Water Content ≤ 0.05%

(1). Sodium persulfate can be used as oxidant, bleaching agent, and Battery Depolarizer;
(2). Sodium persulfate can be used for treating the waste liquid of the photographic industry, and used as a soft etching agent for the surface metal of the printed circuit board, and the use of a pulp removing agent, a curing agent, etc.
(3). Sodium persulfate can be used in medicine, bleaching, battery, and used as chemical reagent.

Packaging & Shipping

packaging: 25kg/bag, 20ton per 20'FCL

shipping details: we will deliver the goods about 7-15 days after buyer's order


SPS is not combustible but assists combustion of combustible materials due to release of oxygen. Provided it is stored under approriate condition. It must be stored dry in closed containers and protected from direct sunlight, heat and humidity. Impurities such as dirt, rust or traces of metal and reductants may cause catalytic decomposition. The product as supplied or in solution needs to be handled with appropriate care. The eye, skin and clothes must be protected when working with SPS. SPS as damp powder or aqueous solution has a bleaching and slightly corroding effect.

Cas NO.: 7775-27-1,

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