Sulfobutyl-beta-cyclodextrin sodium

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1. Solubilization:

Neutral, positive, and negative drug substances can be effectively combined with sulfobutyl beta-cyclodextrin to increase the solubility of compounds in the drug solution by 10 to 25,000 times.

2, convenient for administration:

Sulfobutyl betacyclodextrin sodium has good biocompatibility and can be administered by injection, oral, ocular, nasal, topical and inhalation.

3. Good security:

It is usually eliminated from the kidneys quickly and completely after administration. In vitro and in vivo acute, subacute and chronic toxicity studies provide safe data and are approved for use in human pharmaceutical preparations.

4. Good stability:

The interaction with sodium sulfobutyl beta-cyclodextrin provides a beneficial protective environment for the drug substance in its lipophilic cavity, while the hydrophilic surface provides excellent water solubility to provide solubility and stability.

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