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Anabolic Steroid Testosterone Powder Testosterone Base (Steroids)


Packing: 1kg/aluminium foil bag.
Character: White crystalline powder.
Min. Order quantity: 10g

Fastest acting and purest form of testosterone. Massive strength gain. Short detection time.Testosterone base is 100% pure testosterone similar to oil Testosterone Suspension however Test base is technically a solution not a suspension. Test base contains no visible Testosterone crystals because they are in an oil and solvent solution NOT water. There are no crystals to slowly absorb into the injection site. Therefore when you inject Test base there is a very rapid increase in blood Testosterone levels that falls off faster than standard aqueous Testosterone suspension. Test base packs a big instant wallop when injected and is arguably the fastest Testosterone product available today. Another advantage of Test base is you may use very small gauge needles to inject it. There are no crystals in Test base to clog the needle so administering with an insulin syringe is an option. Test base is ideal pre training or for power lifting or strength sports. I recommend Test base to be administered two hours pre-training to provide increased aggression and power

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Raw Steroid Testosterone Enanthate powder Supplier China...

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