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Multiple-gap Expansion Joints



Multiple-gap expansion joints are suitable for longitudinal movements of 80 mm to 1,200 mm.

Multiple-gap expansion joints, also called GQF-MZL modular bridge joints, are composed by boundary beams, middle beams, cross girders, displacement control systems, bridge bearings, anchoring components and rubber sealing belts. Multiple-gap expansion joints are suitable for longitudinal movements of 80 mm to 1,200 mm.

Having good bearing capacity and stability, multiple-gap expansion joints can accommodate movements in every direction and rotations about every axis. Their individual displacement control and load transfer systems enable bridges to adapt the movement of the beam caused by temperature and ensure the traffic safety.
Safe & reliable: The load-bearing structure and displacement control system of multiple-gap expansion joints are separate parts. When under stress, these two parts will not interfere with each other and have a clear division of labor to provide security assurance.
Uniform displacement: Multiple-gap expansion joints meet the requirements of high processing and assembling precision to make sure that they can be flexible and proceed uniform displacement.
Strong adaptability: Each junction adopts the structure which can both slide and be rotatably to content the demand of various kinds of bridges.
Save steel: In every displacement control cabinet, all the middle beams are supporting one cross beam which is benefit to large-displacement bridges. This structure can reduces the quantity of beams, the volume of control cabinet and saves steel.
Multiple-gap expansion joints for longitudinal movements of 80 mm to 1,200 mm can be widely applied on the bridges which are slope, wide, curved and skew. They are used in highway bridge decks, bridgehead and other places to prevent bridges from appearing cracks cause by climate change.

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