r Geogrid In Road Construction

Polyester Geogrid In Road Construction Production Full Range: 1. Polyester geogrid with tensile strength from 20kN/m to 1000kN/m (Biaxial type) 2. Polyester geogrid with tensile strength from 40-25kN/m to 800-50kN/m (Uniaxial type) Product

ed Steel Pipe for Construction

Product name: High Quality Round Welded Steel Pipe for Construction Product description: Round Welded Steel Pipe is used for structural, industrial, automobiles and furniture industries. The material of welded steel pipe isSPCC/ SPCE/ SPCD/

med Steel Bar for Construction

Product name: Steel Rebar Deformed Steel Bar for ConstructionProduct description: As deformed steel bars are rods of steels provided with lugs, ribs or deformation on the surface of bar, these bars minimize slippage in concrete and increase


Model numberPE035Place of original:Guangdong Province ChinaUsage:Window and doorCertification:ISO9001,ISO10041Alloy:Base on customer requiry.Such as:6000,7000 series etc.Temper:T3-T8Surface finish:Mill finish, anodizing, powder coating, woo

arn Shade Net For Construction

High Quality Round Yarn Shade Net For Construction For construction in case of dropping of building materials or work staff, using Construction Safety Net surround whole building, protecting high space work staff and walking man, also keep

Pot bearing

Pot bearing is designed for bearing the combinations of vertical loads, horizontal loads, longitudinal and transverse movements and rotations. According to the bearing performance, it can be divided into fixed pot bearing, free sliding pot

Lead core bearing pad

Lead core bearing pad consists of the laminated bearing, top and bottom connecting plates, and lead plug in the middle of the bearing which assists the bearing to absorb earthquake generated forces and extend the structure vibration period.

PTFE bearing pad

PTFE bearing pad is the dimpled PTFE sheet bonded to the laminated bearing pad for structure friction coefficient reduction and displacement capacity improvement. It provides a sliding surface for expansion accommodation, the elasticity of

Elastomeric bearing pad

Elastic bearing pad is divided into two types - unreinforced elastomeric bearing pads and elastic band steel bearings. They are made of neoprene, natural rubber and the like, it is widely used in the bridge. Elastic bearing design is design

Laminated bearing pad

Laminated bearing pad is designed for bridges and building construction. It is made up from high purity rubber which is inserted in steel plates for reinforcement to form a homogeneous unit through vulcanization and molding manufacturing pr

Prefab Warehouse building

1.Steel Structure Warehouse ProjectThe main Steel Structure of the Prefab Warehouse Building including Steel Column , Roof Beam , Anti-Wind Column , the Secondary Steel Structure mainly for Bracing , the wall and roof panel used 0.5mm or 0.

Two Floor Steel Structure Workshop

provide you safe and economic building:1.size: length x width x eave height, roof pitch2.materials for wall and roof panel and thickness3.window and door: type, size, quantity and position to place4.wheather needlight tranmitting panel and

Prefabricated Steel Structure Garage

1. GARAGEWhen it comes to building your own garage, do not settle for just a few years after the deterioration of rickety wooden structures or leave you constantly leaking. Prefabricated Steel Structure Garage is custom designed according t

steel structure aircraft

steel structure aircraftWe produce all sizes of airplane hangars to accommodate your craft. Our steel frames support large spans and height for clearance. Bi-folding doors,swing out,or sliding doors can be engineered into the aviation build

Agricultural equipment repository

Agricultural equipment repository1. Product Detail information1)Steel Structure material 1.Welded Stud Shear Connectors: Shear connector studs shall conform to the requirements of Section 7.3, Type B of the latest edition of the ANSI/AASHTO

Multiple-gap Expansion Joints

Multiple-gap expansion joints, also called GQF-MZL modular bridge joints, are composed by boundary beams, middle beams, cross girders, displacement control systems, bridge bearings, anchoring components and rubber sealing belts. Multiple-ga

Finger Joints

Finger joints are designed to handle movements of 80 mm to 1,200 mm are composed by steel finger plates, CR sheet, anchor bolts and other components. The rubber sheet is placed on the retractable steel, and anchor bolts help to fix the whol

Single Gap Joints

Single gap joints for movements of up to 80 mm are expansion joints made of a single set of structural steel, rubber sealing strips and dowel rods. They have mainly 5 types, including GQF-C, GQF-F, GQF-E, GQF-Z and GQF-RG. Being fully ancho