Higher Moisture Absorption Capacity Food Grade Desiccant Dehumidifier PK Montmorillonite Clay


Price: USD 1.00/pcs
MOQ: 1 pcs

TOPDRY higher moisture absorption capacity food grade desiccant dehumidifier pk montmorillonite clay desiccant for cargo against moisture. TOPDRY desiccant with not only with powerful moisture absorption capacity but also all TOPDRY desiccant are non-toxic, DMF Free, comply to Europe requirement standard.

TOPDRY desiccant all moisture absorption material are environmentally friendly, and mixed with food grade binding agent, as soon as TOPDRY desiccant absorb moisture vapor from the surrounding air, will turn to a thick solid geling agent and locked inside the double package material protection.

We don’t recommend try montmorillonite clay desiccant for cargo against moisture corrosion, due to montmorillonite clay with lower moisture absorption capacity for less than 15% moisture absorption capacity, so clay desiccant is inadequate for cargo against moisture corrosion problem.

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