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TOPDRY Calcium Chloride Agricultural Moisture Absorber Desiccant PK Change Color Silica Gel


Price: USD 1.00/pcs
MOQ: 1 pcs


TOPDRY Desiccants Remove Moisture From The Air

When the container is exposed to temperatures below the dew point, the moisture from the ambient air will condensate, most visible at the ceiling and walls of the container. this water can drip on to the cargo. a process commonly known as container rain. Condensation can also appear inside the packaging of the merchandise. this is a repeating process during transport, which increases the risk of moisture damage, like mold growth, corrosion, deformation, mulfunction and odor.

TOPDRY Calcium Chloride Agricultural Moisture Absorber Desiccant PK Change Color Silica Gel

TOPDRY calcium chloride agricultural moisture absorber desiccant pk change color silica gel desiccant. TOPDRY desiccant is based on the most powerful drying material calcium chloride, test proved that all TOPDRY desiccant is can absorb more than 300% moisture vapor of its own weight for more than 90 days, while silica gel desiccant can only absorb less than 10% moisture of its own weight and will stop working after 14 days.

Besides with the powerful moisture absorbent capacity, TOPDRY desiccant is 100% non-toxic, harmless, DMF Free, can be widely protect agricultural product against moisture corrosion. And silica gel desiccant contain with toxic cobalt chloride, so can change color after absorbing moisture.

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