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45 degree AOI Hot/Cold Mirror


origin: changchun
packaging: carton
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China 45 degree AOI Hot/Cold Mirror with High-Quality, Leading 45 degree AOI Hot/Cold Mirror Manufacturers & Suppliers, find 45 degree AOI Hot/Cold Mirror Factory & Exporters.

45 Degree AOI Hot/Cold Mirror Hot Mirror Reflect IR,transmit Visible Light, Cold Mirror, Reflect Visible, transmit IR These Hot Mirrors have a 0° and 45° angle of incidence and are ideal for decreasing the undesirable heat caused by infrared radiation. A multi-layer dielectric coating transmits 80% of visible light while reflecting over 90% of the NIR and IR, making them ideal for projection systems where heat build-up can lead to system damage. Made of BOROFLOAT® glass, these hot mirrors can be cut to the desired size for any application. Note: When using high power illumination, forced air cooling is recommended Features Ideal for Reducing Heat In Projectors Reflects 90% of the NIR and IR Transmits 80% of Visible Light Actual Measurement Curve Products Show Factory Show http://www.ruiqi-optics.com

High Performance Hot Mirror, Hot Mirror Coating, Hot and Cold Mirror,

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