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Waterproof Heavy Duty Adhesive Spray for Car modification


Size: 600ML/450G
Bonding: permanent
Strength: 6000-7000 mPa
Price: USD 2.38/PCS
MOQ: 1200 PCS


Name:Heavy Duty Headliner Spray Adhesive
Size:600 ml /450g
Strength:6000-7000 mPa/25℃
Heat resistance:-30℃ ~ 95℃
Anti-aging:8-10 years

  • High strength and high temperature spray adhesive; especially effective in repairing automotive headliners
  • Designed for repairing interior parts that have become detached or loosened; dries clear for neat appearance
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions; water-resistant
  • High temperature formula maintains high strength at temperatures up to 170°F (77°C)
  • Suggested Applications: Headliners, carpets, trunk linings, and inside door panels; for use on foam, fabrics, plastics, and rubber

Sprayidea Heavy Duty Headliner and Carpet Adhesive is a high-strength spray adhesive designed for repairing interior parts which have become detached or loosened. VOC compliant, it bonds foam, fabrics, plastics, rubbers, and other automotive materials. This adhesive is resistant to extreme weather conditions and is also water-resistant. This high temperature formula dries clear for neat appearance. Suggested applications include headliners, carpets, trunk linings and inside door panels Instruction

Keep the surface clean and dry,no oil and water;
Please shake well before use, to achieve the best effect;
Evenly spray the glue for a distance of 20-30cm to the adhesive surface
After using please keep the can down,spray about 2 to 3 seconds to avoid nozzle clogged,the best temperature of using this product is 15℃~35℃.


Pressurized packing, may be explosive in high temperature. Keep well-ventilated, avoid the glue contacting with skin when using;
Should be stored in well-ventilated, dark, cool, dry place;
Do not store above 49℃, recommended storage at below 30℃;
Keep the children away from it ,spray the adhesive out completely before you throw it away;
When the adhesive contacted with skin or eyes, please clean with water.Serious please go to the doctor immediately.

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