motive AC compressor cover die

Description- Automobile AC compressor body cover die Aluminum die casting components for Auto air conditioner compressor ,they are always with uneven wall thickness, heat spots which mostly lead to porosity due to shrinkageduring solidifica

LED lighting housing cover die

Description- HPDC aluminium LED lightning housing cover die Not only conventional lighting but also LED lighting need a lot of aluminum die casting components, XINYU MOULD, an expert in aluminum die casting industry is making its great cont

Aluminium alloy Wheel HPDC die

Description-Aluminium alloy wheel die-A wheel is a circular component that is intended to rotate on an axle bearing. The wheel is one of the key components of the wheel and axle which is one of the six simple machines. Wheels, in conjunctio

trical lamination stamping die

There is a gear traction machine: the power of the drag device, through the middle reducer to the traction wheel on the traction machine, which is usually used gearbox worm gear drive (also useful helical gear), this traction machine The mo