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Changsha Huir (CSHR) has been dedicated to the research and development of herbal and nutraceutical ingredients since 1997. for the past 10years , We strictly control the quality from raw material to the finished product, and make our spirits of pursuing perfect embody in our herbal extract products field.
CSHR is a professional manufacture and develope of high quality and standard botanical extracts for human health come from nature.At present,Our company has adopted internationally first-tare manufacturing facilities and technology and is based on the strong R&D capability.Therefore the enterprise has core competencies,Now our factory had three first-class muti-functional production assembly,they were used to purify plant ,and the assembiles are most advanced both at home and abroad.And we also had high technicals force,complete detection means,and can be engaged in drawign and processing of investor's raw material business of many kinds of plants,Main products are : Ginseng P.E, Gotu Kola, Linseed Powdered Extract, Angelica Extract Powder, Aloe Vera, Echinacea Extract Powder, Epimedium Extract Powder, Red Clover Extract Powder, Valerian, Punica Granatum L., Ginkgo Biloba and so on,it sells to be 100% by export usually.we have built up a global sales service system covering the countries and regions in the world ,mailny Sold to more than 50 countries in the world ,Such as Canada ,USA ,Germany ,Britain,Japan,Hongkong,Taiwan ,and some north-east Asian countries ,which our annual sales amount form export is more than USD10Million.
Under the running of Our Motto: Train employee to the first class enterprise produce the first class products ,build the first class enterprise CSHR is developing with each passing day,Under the corporate spirit of  pursuing of excellence,prompt response to market opportunities,mutualtrust and respect,honest and integrity,fittest surivive.Quality first ,customoers first,Makiing things convenient for customers,wide selection ,large assortment,we take customers as our gods.we heartly hope to cooperate with the dometic and foreign friends for domestic and foreign friends for developing our new and greater business, The florid dream in the future inspires us to gather our wisdom,show our enthusiasm,develop handin hand and creat the resplendence let us work together for our bright future.

Plant Extract Glutathione

Product Name: L-Glutathione Reduced Latin Name: None Active Ingredient: Glutathione Content: 98%-101% Test Method: Titration Extract Method : Enzyme Fermentation Part Used: None Appearance: White fine powder CAS No.: 70-18-8 Formula: C10H17N3O6S, Glutathione, Liver Health, Anti-Cancer, Skin Whitening

Plant Extract Ginkgo biloba Extract

Product Name: Ginkgo Biloba  Extract Latin Name: Ginkgo Biloba L. Active Ingredient: Ginkgo Glycosides Content: 24%/6% Test Method: HPLC Extract Method: Solvent Extraction Part Used: Leaf Appearance: Brown yellow powder CAS No.: 90045-36-6 Formula: C15H18O8, Ginkgo biloba, Prevent Alzheimer, Improve Circulation, Antioxidant

Plant Extract Milk Thistle Extract

Product Name: Milk Thistle Extract Latin Name: Silybum marianum Active Ingredient: Silymarin Content: 80% Test Method: UV Extract Method: Solvent Extraction Part Used : Seed Appearance: Light yellow powder CAS No.: 84604-20-6 Formula: C25H22O10, Milk thistle , Good for Liver, Help Diabetes, Cardioprotective

Plant Extract  Huperzine-A

Product Name: Huperzine A Latin Name: Huperzia Serrata Active Ingredient: Huperzine A Content: 1% Test Method: HPLC Extract Method: Ethanol Part Used: whole tree Appearance: Brownish powder CAS No.: 102518-79-6 Formula: C15H18N2O, Huperzine A, Anti-Dementia, Cure Myasthenia Gravis, Learning Enhancement

Plant Extract  Resveratrol

Product Name: Resveratrol Latin Name: Polygunom Cuspidatum Active Ingredient: Resveratrol Content: 50% Test Method: HPLC Extract : Method Methanol Part Used: Root Appearance:white fine powder CAS No.: 501-36-0 Formula: C14H12O3, Resveratrol, Antioxidant, Anti-Cancer, Improve Diabetes

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