Dongguan City Ruizhun Precision Metal Co., Ltd

Ruizhun Precision metal Co., Ltd a national high-tech enterprise and key Guangdong enterprise, has registered capital of 120 million. It has been developed into a high-tech enterprise in China. It has applied for 18 patent technologies and has the right of import and export. It is a professional enterprise engaged in semi solid die casting, traditional die-casting, mold making, injection molding and other processing services. Production of lightweight, high quality, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection die casting and injection molding products.
The company has two subsidiaries: the factory is an RZ own factory, specializing in the production of semi solid die-casting products; B factory is 100 run Mold Co., Ltd., engaged in injection production, mold manufacturing.
The factory is located in the town of Qiaotou, Dongguan. The Reebok Pioneer metals Corporation covers an area of 70000 square meters. It has 800 production workers and 150 managers, and imports 101 semi-solid die casting magnesium alloy casting machines. High precision injection molding machine 90 is the largest semi-solid die casting magnesium alloy enterprise in China, and it provides efficient and advanced die casting service for magnesium alloy.
The B factory is located in the town of Fenggang, Dongguan. GR covers an area of 10000 square meters. It has 30 injection molding plastic injection molding machines, 10 mold manufacturing working groups, and 15 years of injection experience. Focus on plastic molding and mold manufacturing.
Reebok Pioneer metals corporation focuses on technology research and development, and has a strong R & D team. 18 advanced technology patents have been applied to transform customer ideas into products. At the same time, through the BSI certified ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, TS16949 quality management system, the company has a mature product testing laboratory, which can detect the quality and details of the die-casting and injection products based on NE to ensure the quality of the products. EDS's customer. UCT quality
Rui Shun craft Pioneer metals Corporation has many years of casting experience, mold manufacturing and injection molding, each process has a special person to follow up, and can communicate with customers at any time. Our company has about 100 people in the design and development team to design molds, two factories have twenty mold manufacturing groups, manufacturing molds, two large factories, professional production of injection products, and international testing standard PROD professional laboratory. The finished product is confirmed with the customer, the eight processes are completed in the factory area, after the customer confirms the sample, the batch production and export to the customer company.

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