Spacer fabric mattress with magnetic sheets


MOQ: 1

Cover: 100% polyester spacer fabric

Filling: 100% polyester spacer fabric + magnetic sheets

Magnetic sheet: 70-154 groups, 4pcs/group

Flux: 950 gauss/piece

Size: 75 x 190cm/ 90 x 190cm/ 120 x 190cm/ 135 x 190cm/ 140 x 200cm/ 150 x 200cm/ 180 x 200cm

Height: 10cm/18cm/24cm

MOQ: 1 pc/size

The cover is made of spacer fabric and with quilted pattern of diamond. It could be washed by machine under 60℃

The filling is made of spacer fabric and magnetic sheets. 40/cm2 points could offer you enough support power meanwhile provide maximam pressure relief, by spreading more of your body's weight across the mattress. The magnetic sheet could improve the micro-circulation of the body.

It is 100% breathable, it could keep cool and dry all the time. Heat and humidity from the body will not remain in the mattress, they will be exuded through the micro-circulation of the mattress.

This mattress is suited in any area, especially in rainy and humid areas.

This mattress topper benefits from a 10 year guarantee.

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