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Geomembrane Introduction :

Geomembrane is a kind of waterproof and separate material with high molecular polymer materials.

Geomembrane type : HDPE geomembrane, LDPE geomembrane, LLDPE geomembrane, EPDM geomembrane, PVC geomembrane, ECB geomemrbane, EVA geomembrane and compound geotextile membrane .

Thickness: 0.3mm-4.0 mm
Width: 1-9m
Length: 50-100m/roll, at request

Colors : Black , White , Green , Blue

Function: Antiseepage and seperation

Geomembrane with strong extension, the ability to adapt to high deformation, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, good frost resistance.

Geomembrane Applications:

Prevent leakage disposal in waste burying field or waste water or waste dregs disposing field.

River bank , lake dam, mine remainings, reservior, tunnel, liquid storage pool(pit, mine)

Preventing leakage in roadbed and other groundsill.

The plane direction laying of dam,the vertical direction laying for groundsill,used in the construction fence and waste material field.Used in seawater or freshwater feed field

Used in groundsill of road ,highway,railway and waterproof layer of swelling clay and wet collapsed loess.Preventing leakage on rooftop

Overall features & benifits
1. Low Permeability - HDPE lining systems are secure because leachate does not Penetrate them; Methane gas will not escape from the HDPE cover system; And Rainwater will not infiltrate an HDPE cap.
2. Chemical Resistance - HDPE, resistant to a wide range of chemicals, is not threatened by typical solid or hazardous waste leachates. It is also suitable for sludge and secondary containment around chemical storage facilities.

3. Ultraviolet Resistance - HDPE's resistance to UV exposure is further enhanced by the addition of carbon black. Additionally, with the absence of plasticizers, volatilization is not a problem.
4. Reflective Factor - Geotec offers its HDPE geomembrane in white as well as black. A white surface helps mitigate liner temperature extremes and aids visual.

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