tric Vehicle Mobile Shop Truck


origin: China
packaging: waxed
MOQ: 1

China CLW GROUP TRUCK Pure Electric Vehicle Mobile Shop Truck with High-Quality, Leading CLW GROUP TRUCK Pure Electric Vehicle Mobile Shop Truck Manufacturers & Suppliers, find testpro Factory & Exporters.

CLW GROUP TRUCK Pure Electric Vehicle Mobile Shop Truck Cargo Van Length: 3m Type: Pure electric market car Fuel type: Pure electric Why choose us?! 1. We offer individual needs of vehicles, customized according to your needs. 2. Our products have lower prices and better quality. 3. Our delivery time is very short. 4. We offer a variety of shiping methods and payment methods. 5. We focused on product use and care of private advisory services. Production enterprise information Vehicle name: CLW GROUP TRUCK Pure Electric Vehicle Mobile Shop Truck Vehicle type: Special vehicleLaws and regulations Manufacturing place: China Type of licence: The vehicle license plate classification standard Announcement batch: 283 Release date: 20160428 product ID: ZM5HH54K01T Directory number: (Seventeen)74 Chinese brand: CLW GROUP TRUCK English brand: Announcement type: CLW5030XSHBEV Exempt from: no Enterprise name: CLW GROUP TRUCK fuel: no Business address: The southern suburbs of Hubei Province, Suizhou city Zengdou District Chengli Automobile Industry Park environmental protection: no Inspection instructions Exemption: no Check the inspection period: Announcement status Announcement status: effective Effective date of announcement: 20160428 Announcement state description: extend change(extend)Record: Main technical parameters Outline dimension: 4995*1780*2580(mm) Cargo compartment size: * *(mm) Total mass: 3480(Kg) Load quality utilization factor: 0 curb weight: 2820(Kg) Rated load quality: 530(Kg) Trailer quality: (kg) Semitrailer saddle: Cab: Front passenger: 2(people) Rated capacity: (people) Anti lock braking system: nothing Approach angle/Departure angle: 28/16(DEG) The front suspension/Rear overhang: 635/1310(mm) Axle load: 1350/2130 Wheelbase: 3050(mm) Axis number: 2 Maximum speed: 110(km/h) Oil consumption: Spring sheet number: -/4+2 Tyre number: 4 Tire specifications: 185/65R15 Front track: 1360,1385 Rear wheel: 1380,1400 Brake front: After braking: Before system operation: After the operation of the system: Steering form: Steering wheel Starting method: drive system: Oil consumption(L/100Km): VinVehicle identification code: LB92C2BA* * *CLW* * *Laws and regulations Engine parameters Engine Engine production enterprise displacement(ml) power(kw) YBM401 Nanjing Yue Bo Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. - 25 Vehicle fuel parameters Fuel type: Pure electric based on standard: Chassis emission standard: Other Box top closure,Not open.Type of energy storage device/Model/manufacturing enterprise:lifepo4/IFP14114198/Camel group new energy battery Co., Ltd.;Motor model/manufacturing enterprise:YBM401/Nanjing Yue Bo Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.,Motor controller model/manufacturing enterprise:YBC401/Nanjing Yue Bo Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.;Motor power/peak power:25/55Kw,The technical phase of the product is the development period.. Reflective marking parameters Marking enterprise: CLW GROUP TRUCK Logo mark: CLW GROUP TRUCK Identification model: VCDM-4 .cur_dipan_tab {background-color:#F96; } .no_cur_dipan_tab {background-color:#CCC; }

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