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origin: China
packaging: Box with foam in
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Name: Teuscher Activator Functional Appliances Description: The Teuscher Activator is a variation that eliminates the palatal acrylic for greater comfort and tongue space utizizing a large omega loop coffin spring for transverse stability. A set of lip pads extend labially form the mandibular portion of the acrylic into the vestibule to prevent the muscles in this region from restraining the forward growth of the mandible. Small loop-shaped wires known as torquing springs are positioned on the long axis of each maxillary incisor on the labial side. The springs are intened to counteract the torquing effect that the backwards force of the appliance can have on the maxillary incisors. How to start? 1. Write a lab sheet, fill it with detailed instructions. 2. Please attach the following items. a. Work sheet b. Impression tray for working model c. Opposite model d. Please include all implant parts. 3. Please tell us tracking number after sending! Please visit us for more details! http://www.megadentallab.com

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