XHL- 120B Automatic Potting Machine for Hard lamp strip

XHL- 120B

Price: USD 1000.00/set
MOQ: 1 set

Product Name: Automatic glue machine for Hard lamp strip, wash wall lamp, landscape lamp and other line lamps

Description: Fully automatic glue dispensing machine, proportion setting adjustment, glue quantity adjustable.Ready to use at any time, the ratio of high precision, according to the need ratio, save glue.
Application: Hard lamp strip, wash wall lamp, landscape lamp and other line lamps
Operating principle:
1, program editing: material compilation , and Chen cases can be
2. Store the edited program and call out similar products.
3. Glue pouring head movement, pump body (driven by stepping motor) for glue supply
4, Motion Trail : straight line, curve, point, box, circle, W type,S type, can walk arbitrary irregular motion trail.
1    Glue Ratio    10:1 to1:1 Can be adjust in this ratio
2    Stirring Method    Dynamic stirring
3     Machine route    1200*680*30MM (can be customized )
4   Work table  can be placed 40pcs 70mm car lights at the same ti

Brief Introduction :

Shenzhen XHL Industrial Development Co., Ltd is professional in researching and manufacturing high quality glue dispenser machine , glue potting machine ,glue mixing machine ,LED silicon Strip extrusion machine , automatic Robert screw locking machine and automatic soldering machine etc automatic equipment. The products are using for LED , Widely used in arts and crafts (stickers, patches, trademark paper, cartoon paper, label, photo album), digital electronics, LED waterproof power supply, smart card signage, IC card, trademark, logo label (circuit board, PCB), clothing accessories and so on .

Our glue machine can Suitable for all kinds of two-component glue, such as double-liquid glue, AB glue, silica gel, epoxy resin, PU glue .

All of our machine can be acceptable customized with your required size and function.
Service : Free testing , One year Warrantee ,and lifetime Service .

Our machines can use for assembly production line .Welcome to ask for inquiry .

Hope to cooperate with you sincerely .

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