PU coated glass fiber cloth

Certification: ISO9001:2008
Payment: T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A
Packing: Carton + Pallet
Price: USD 2.00/㎡
MOQ: 500 ㎡


PU Coated Fiberglass Fabric is a fiberglass fabric coated with Polyurethane, and composite materials with multiple functions, the design of PU coated fiberglass fabric can adapt to different places.
It features good rebound resilience, toughness, softness, bright in color, superior resistance to wear, cold, oil, water, aging and weather. It also has the function of an anti bacterium, and can also be used for mould proofing, heat-insulation and anti-ultraviolet.


1. High strength and good abrasion

2. Fireproof and low combustible

3. High working temperature

4. Good processibility


1. Electric insulation: silicone rubber coated fiberglass cloth features high grade of electric insulation and bear a load of high voltage. It fits for making products like insulation cloth and sleeves.

2. Non-metallic compensator: used as pipeline flexible coupling, non-metallic compensator helps to avoid damage caused by heat expansion and cold contraction.

3. Anti-corrosion sector: it is good to be used as inner and outer anti-corrosion layer featuring excellent corrosion resistance, temperature resistance and high strength. It proves to be an ideal anti-corrosion material.

4. Others: apart from above application, it can also be used as sealing material, temperature resistant and anti-corrosion conveyer belt, as well as packaging material.

5. Color can be made according to customers' requirements, such as red, blue, yellow, gray, black, etc.


Item Thickness, mm Coating weight, g/m^2 Coating side

Total weight,


PC400 0.42 30 1/2 450 4H Satin
PC400 0.42 60 2 470 4H Satin
PC600C 0.75 30 1/2 630 Double Plain
PC600 0.75 40 1/2 680 8H Satin
PC600(R) 0.75 40 1/2 680 8H Satin
PC600(R) 0.75 80 2 720 8H Satin
PA2025 0.80 100 2 700 Plain
PA30 1.0 100 2 1100 Plain
PT600 0.70 30 1 630 8H Satin
PT1100 1.0 50 1 1150 12H Satin

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