Solvent naphtha(petroleum), light arom.


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High Boiling Point Aromatic Solvents

Brief introduction

Wujiang Wanshida Solvent Co., Ltd. produces high boiling point aromatic solvents, which are made of reforming aromatics, and manufactured according to international standards. Our aromatic solvents are featured by high solubility, low toxicity, less odor, high boiling point, slow volatilization, without water、olefin、chlorine and heavy metal, with high physical and chemical stability, good levelling property and excellent solubility, especially in the posterior step of evaporation, as a result of enabling the evenness of painting films better, luster more bright, and no orange-peel phenomenon. These products can also be used as cleaning agents for precision machinery or adjuvants for preparing pesticide emulsifying agents.

CAS No. 64742-94-5


S-100:Being used as paints and resin solvents, adjuvants for high-quality printing ink and extractants for hydrogen peroxide producing, pesticides, EC solvent, etc.

S-150:Being used as paints and resin solvents, ingredients advanced printing oil, oil additives, it can be used as a partial substitute for xylene;

S-1800、S-2600、S-3000、S-3300:Being used as baking paint solvents, pesticide, EC solvent, etc., waterproof polyurethane grouting material solvent, and plasticizers.


Not being touched with bodies for a long time, used in airiness place.

Package & Transportation:

Packed in tank or iron drum, transported according to the requirement of flammable liquid.

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Lightaromatic solvent naphtha (petroleum),