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origin: Henan Province, China
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Crude Oil Refinery Equipment - The entire plant applies the pure physical working principle, even heating and self-balancing flow, it has no damaging of oil substances. 1. Semi-continuous operation, less manpower and low lost in operation. 2. Security: A. Adopting automatic submerged-arc welding technology and all of the weldings will be detected by the ultrasonic nondestructive testing method. B. Adopting manufacture process controlling system on the quality, every manufacture process, manufacture date, operators, etc. C. Manual and automatic safety devices include:anti-explosion device, safety valves, emergency valves, pressure and temperature meters, as well as the alarming system. 3. National Patent, unique heat insulation shell: high efficiency temperature keeping, excellent energy-saving effect. 4. Environment-friendly: A. Emission Standard: Sync Gas Recycling System: Fully burned after recycling and utilization, saving fuel and preventing pollution. National Patent Smoke Scrubbers: water film smoke scrubber, efficient removal of the acid gas and dust of the smoke, environmental friendly to meet related national standards. B. Smell during operation: Fully enclosed during the operation C. Water pollution: During the operation, the water we use is recycling one to cool down the gas oil and convert into liquid oil in the condensers. No pollution at all. 5. Unique horizontal design, high oil output with about 90% oil yield and 100% conversion rate, highly effective and profitable. 2. Main parts Distillation Chamber Burning Room Distillation Column Condensers Water seal Smoke Scrubbers Oil Tank Cooling Tower Distillation Plant Feasibility Analysis No. ITEM DETAILS 1 Capacity/ Batch 30MT 2 Raw Materials Crude Oil, Fuel Oil, Used Engine Oil, Lub.Oil ect. 3 Cost of Raw Materials 30T x 2200 /MT=66,000 4 #1 Cost of Catalyst #2 Cost of Catalyst 30MT x 0.3% x 5000/MT=450 30MT x 85% x 200/MT=5100 5 Labour (Daily) 3P x 150/D/P=450 6 Electricity & Water 1KWH x1 x 240KWH/D x 5D=1200 7 Fuel Cost (coal) 4MT x 400 /MT=1600 8 Total Cost 74,800.00 9 Oil Income 30MT x 85% x 4000/MT=102,000.00 10 Residue Oil Income 30MT x 7% x 600/MT=1260.00 12 Gross Income 103,260.00 13 Daily Net Income 103,260.00-74,800.00=28,460.00 14 Monthly Net Income 28,460.00/Batch x 4Batches =113,840.00 15 Yearly Net Income 113,840.00 /M x 11M=1,252,240.00 3. Our Services 1. Quality warranty period: One year warranty for the chamber of the distillation machines, and lifetime maintenance for complete set of machines. 2. Installation: According to the requirement of the buyer, our company sends engineers for installation and commissioning in buyer's site including the training of skills of buyer's workers on operation, maintenance, etc. 3. Supply layout according to buyer's workshop and land, civil works information, operation manuals, etc. to the buyer. 4. For the damage caused by the users, our company provides the parts and accessories with cost price. 5. Our factory supplies the wearing parts with the cost price to clients. 4. Packaging & Shipping 1. Packaging Detail: All the goods are packed according to export standard with no pollution: 1*40'HQ +1*40'FR for 5 MT and 2*40'HQ +1*40'FR for 10 MT 2. Shipping Detail: 40 days after first deposit. 5. Company Information Shangqiu Jinpeng Industrial Co. LTD, as the first domestic professional institute in the recycling of solid wastes( waste plastics, waste rubber, tyres), is a technology innovative demonstration enterprise involving scientific research, development, manufacture and sales together. Founded in 1985, our company has achieved great progress in waste recycling area. Nowadays, our company has owned 14 national patents and a provincial engineering research center. And our products has achieved CE, SGS, ISO, BV, BUV certifications. The emission can meet GB13271-2001 related standards. Our company has developed XY-series environmental protection equipments with the outstanding advantages of less investment, high efficiency, simple operation, environmental friendly and so on. Up to now, our products include Pyrolysis Plants for waste rubber, plastic and tyres, normal pressure Distillation Plants for waste engine oil, crude oil and the Carbon Black Deep-process Machines. 6. Our customers Due to the unique advantages, our machines are widely used in China and overseas, such as Poland, Austria, Albania, Turkey, Republic of Korea, Thailand, India, Africa countries, etc.

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