Pyrolysis Tyre Recycling Plant


origin: Henan,China
packaging: in containers
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Pyrolysis Tyre Recycling Plant 1.Pyrolysis Machine Description Pyrolysis Machine is designed to recycle waste plastics and rubbers to fuel oil. various types plastics could be recycled to get diesel. it is a new design machine with different models and configurations, it is environmental friendly and profitable business, now, our machines have been installed in many countries. 2.Available raw material for plastics pyrolysis machine: ABS,LDPE,HDPE,ABS,PVC plastics from paper mixture plastics from life garbage 3.Output End Products of plastics to oil pyrolysis machine: Crude carbon black Pyrolysis Fuel oil Sync gas 4.Usage of the end products: Crude carbon black ----make briquettes for heating use;make bricks to pave street Pyrolysis fuel oil------ sell directly for heating oil; to refine into diesel grade oil. Sync gas ------recycle to heat machine during production. Pyrolysis Machine parts: Pyrolysis machine reactor Gas separator Condensers Sync Gas purification system Cooling tower Extra gas burners Oil tanks Smoke Scubber (reactor base ) Control pannel Pyrolysis Machine Pictures Company introduction Shangqiu Jinpeng Industrial Co.,LTD Founded in 1985 It covers an area of 113220 square meters Annual sale amount about 300sets we have achieved CE,SGS,ISO etc,certification We have got 32 national patents Our machines have been installed in United States,Brizal, Mexio,Poland,Thiland,India,Saudi Arabia,Poland,Spain,Denmark,South Africa,etc.

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