Luxurious Black Mink Coat

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A luxurious , formal , red carpet worthy coat , timeless , durable and never out of fashion. Well made.Ge the feel and look of a celebrity wearing this magnificent coat and enjoy it for several years , even decades. Reversible women mink coat,high quality mink hair with good resilience and good warmth, supporting every part of the body,Make you feel comfortable. Fashionable sleeve type design, comfortable and beautiful.The plain face can be seen with the naked eye, the skin plate is close and solid, the color is pure, the needle hair is complete, the sable hair is bright and smooth.The design and color face pattern is beautiful and generous, the woman wore more show young The Copenhagen mink fur collar are designed to keep warm and wool.The icing on the cake makes this dress more stylish, so you deserve it We use high-quality Copenhagen fur in raw materials, and we have decades of working experience in the craft. We use imported original equipment.Classic water ripple and flower decoration, thick fur collar. With our first-class equipment and first-class technology, we have perfect products. After the completion of the product layer upon layer, special after-staff will immediately inspect the packaging to ensure that our products can be quickly delivered through logistics. Notes: 1:Use a wide shoulder hanger 2;Be wet by rain please use towel blot up hang in ventilated place,don not insolate bake 3:Pls use special comb to comb through the fur 4:Avoid perfume or hairspray on furs, and place chemicals such as mothballs 5:Regular cleaning to the professional fur store twice a year, do not use the common method cleaning Do not use plastic bag garment sleeve is best to use silk garment or cotton breathable

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