ofiber Filter Media-ASHRAE(F7)

origin: china
packaging: 1. One piece in a plastic bag,then in a carton(according to the size of the products) 2. According
MOQ: 50

China Glassmicrofiber Filter Media-ASHRAE(F7) with High-Quality, Leading Glassmicrofiber Filter Media-ASHRAE(F7) Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Glassmicrofiber Filter Media-ASHRAE(F7) Factory & Exporters.

F7 Grade Micro fiberglass Filter Paper for ASHRAE Fiberglass filter paper 1.made from glass microfiber 2.efficiency:99.9999% 3.performance of water repellency or anti-virus Classification Grade Efficiency(≥%) Basic Weight (+-5g/m2) Thickness (±0.02mm) 100kpa Air Resistance Pa 5.3cm/s Tensile Strength Stiffness ( ≥mg) MD (+-200N/M) MD ULPA U17 99.9999 73 0.37 500+-20 1200 1000 U16 99.9999 73 0.37 440+-20 1200 1000 U15 99.999 73 0.37 390+-20 1200 1000 HEPA H14 99.995 70 0.34 340+-20 1200 1000 H13 99.97 70 0.34 290+-20 1200 1000 H12 99.8 70 0.34 250+-20 1200 1000 H11 98 70 0.34 120+-20 1200 1000 H10 94 70 0.34 80+-15 1200 1000 ASHRAE F9 95 70 0.34 55+-10 1200 1200 F8 90 70 0.34 35+-5 1200 1200 F7 80 70 0.34 33+-5 1200 1200 F6 60 70 0.33 20+-5 1200 1200 Air filter paper of high efficiency and low resistance is made of best quality raw material such as PP, fiberglass, PET, PTFE and other polyester compounded materials. It is widely used for mini pleated HEPA filters. F7 air filter paper are comprised primarily of glass microfibers and are produced with a wet laid process similar to those used for the production of paper. It's an ideal filter media to produce ASHRAE air filters. Description: This air filter paper media is made of glass microfibers as main raw material by wet process. Characterized by uniform fiber distribution, low air resistance, high filtration efficiency, high dust holding capacity, high strength and stable properties. It is an ideal material for air filtration. The products are divided into two types: min-pleat air filter paper and deep-pleat air filter paper, and they have three series: ASHRAE, HEPA and ULPA. Applications This filter paper is the main materials of air filters. The air filters can be used for air filters of air-conditioning systems in medicine, electronics, food, textile industries and high-grade office/entertainment industries, etc. ASHRAE:for common air-conditioning systems, gas turbines and air compressors. http://www.filtersmaterial.com

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